Best Bully Sticks Review

Everyone loves to chew, even dogs. Unfortunately, not all treats are good for teeth health. This condition does not apply if you give your canine products from Best Bully Sticks. Founded in 2008, the company offers odor-free sticks

Best Bully Sticks Review
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Owned by Avrum Elmakis, it promotes the healthiest teeth with 100% all-natural one-single ingredients. You can support your canine, from puppies to adult dogs. In addition, it is available in several sizes from 4 to 12-inch! 

You won’t dissatisfied since the stick is long-lasting. Once you are busy, give your dog this stick, which will keep them occupied for several hours. The company is committed to quality. Thus, its products are safe to consume

You may check its review on Pet+. PR Newswire, Pet Age, and others. The company’s reputation is also humongous! Its Facebook followers reached 173K, and its Instagram has over 33.8K followers. 

If you are a pet owner who wants to get rid of your canine’s bad breath, staying tuned to this Best Bully Sticks review is the best action. So, if you’re curious about the quality, keep reading this post till the end. So, let’s dive right in! 

Why Shop at Best Bully Sticks?

Rather than immediately discussing the products, this review will start with reasons to purchase Best Bully Sticks. What are they? Below is the answer. 

Best Bully Sticks Highlights 

  • Single-ingredient bully stick 
  • Inspected in the USA and odor-free
  • Sourced from high-quality ingredients worldwide 
  • Promotes healthy teeth and digestion system 
  • Provides size guide for easy choosing 
  • Hearty flavors and offers many shapes 
  • Safe, nutritious, and digestible
  • Keep dogs busy for hours 
  • Available on marketplace 
  • Ships to the contiguous US 
  • Gets many good reviews from paw owners 

What's On Best Bully Sticks

This dog treat company aims to provide various collections so customers can choose the one they need. But what kind of collection does it offer? 

What's On Best Bully Sticks
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Here are the 8 different categories: 

Bully Sticks Collagen Sticks
Ears For Dogs Antlers & Hooves
Yak Cheese Chews Jerky & Outlet
Bones Treats

Since you can’t spend too much, this Best Bully Sticks review will only elaborate on the following all-rounders: 

Then, let’s dig deeper now! 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Thin Bully Stick Reviews

Do you own a small dog? If so, giving them this 6-inch Thin Bully Stick is the best answer. This single-ingredient chew is made of free-range and grass-fed cattle. In addition, it is nutritious and the best option for puppies in training. 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Thin Bully Stick Reviews
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This everyday treat is also suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies. Let them chew effortlessly since its thin shape is easy to handle. Therefore, they can enjoy a peaceful period to train their teeth in a better condition. 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Standard Bully Stick Reviews

The 6-inch Standard Bully Stick is also an alternative if you consider a longer chewing period. This stick will suit small puppies, allowing them to train their teeth thoroughly. Even better, the bar is odorless, which is perfect for indoors! 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Standard Bully Stick Reviews
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This product may not be a better choice for large dogs because they can consume it quickly. So be sure to give your small dogs this free-range Brazilian cattle snack and give them an all-natural and safe food. 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Thick Bully Stick Reviews

Next, this 6-inch Thick Bully Stick promotes healthy gums and teeth for your small to medium-sized puppies. It is a perfect option because the shape is thick enough to chew and keep them occupied for hours. 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Thick Bully Stick Reviews
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This highly digestible dental dog chew allows you to purchase it as a natural rawhide alternative. So, will you buy this thick bar and give your canine friend all-natural ingredients for their everyday snacks? 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Braided Bully Stick Reviews

Not all dogs are calm during the chewing periods. Therefore, the company offers a 6-inch Braided Bully Stick for aggressive chewers. It does not feature any preservatives and is made of all-natural ingredients. 

Best Bully Sticks 6-Inch Braided Bully Stick Reviews
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Since the shape is unique, it will slow down the chewing process. In addition, this healthy snack promotes dental hygiene. The snack will engage gums and prevent tartar and plaque. Thus, your canine will be happy! 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Standard Bully Stick Reviews

Do you think that 6 inches is too short to chew? Worry not because the company offers a 12-inch Standard Bully Stick with odor-free features. It is cooked longer to eliminate the smell and moisture content. 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Standard Bully Stick Reviews
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You can give it to your small or large dogs. Moreover, it is made of single ingredients and has high protein. This highly digestible stick will transform your canine’s teeth health into a better condition. 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Thick Bully Stick Reviews

Another rawhide alternative suitable for aggressive chewers is the 12-inch Thick Bully Stick. Since it is thicker than the standard size, the shape is 30 to 50% bigger. You can let your aggressive dogs chew this snack and get the functions. 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Thick Bully Stick Reviews
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Naturally, biting this product will promote healthier teeth. Furthermore, it is made of all-natural beef ingredients with high protein. Thus, are you ready to check it out and give your canine a nutritious single-ingredient treat? 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Jumbo Bully Stick Reviews

Are you ready to check on the final product? Here comes the 12-inch Jumbo Bully Stick! It is the thickest that the company ever offers, providing the most aggressive chewers to gulp in. In addition, it is made of a high-protein single ingredient! 

Best Bully Sticks 12-Inch Jumbo Bully Stick Reviews
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Your canine will love chewing the product because it will freshen their breath. The snack also promotes healthier teeth! Thus, when will you give this stick and keep them busy during your busiest day? 

Best Bully Sticks Subscription Pricing

Best Bully Sticks Discount Code & Promo Code

Now you know which stick is better for puppies. Still, you must know the price to know how much money to prepare. The table below will tell you in detail. 

6-pack Product One-Time Purchase Subscribe and Save 10%
6-Inch Thin $8.99
6-Inch Standard $18.49 $14.79
6-Inch Thick $26.99 $21.59
6-Inch Braided $36.99 $29.59
12-Inch Standard $34.99 $27.99
12-Inch Thick $52.99 $42.39
12-Inch Jumbo $31.99 $25.59

Please visit the official website for more information about another pack. But if you search for deals, please read the following list thoroughly. 

  • Subscribe to the official website for 10% OFF first-time purchase
  • Get 15% OFF for first responders, military, and K9 police
  • Save up to 20% OFF on the semi-annual Sale 
  • Grab 30% OFF all products with promo code PUPTEMBER30
  • Visit the Clearance page for special deals 
  • Free shipping for purchases over $99
  • etc. 

Best Bully Sticks Pros and Cons

Busy paw owners may not be patient to place an order for heavy chewers dogs. Yet, let’s see the brand’s pros and cons first, as listed below! 


  • Bully stick treats for all dogs 
  • Suitable for puppies to older dogs 
  • Easy to chew and long-lasting 
  • Promotes delicious flavors 
  • Offers many discounts and sales 
  • Provides one-time purchase and auto-ship
  • Ships to the US regions 
  • Free shipping for orders of $99+ 
  • 7-day return policy 


  • Only several of the bully sticks for dogs made in USA 
  • No shipping for international orders 
  • Some products are only available for subscription 

Best Bully Sticks Customer Testimonials

Not only the price but testimonials are also vital. This knowledge allows you to fix your decision before buying new products, especially treats for large dogs. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Best Bully Sticks Customer Testimonials
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Surprisingly, all bully sticks above receive 4.9/5 ratings from customers. However, does the testimonial say anything good? Here is one of the examples: 

… The bully sticks are just the right size for my pups, and they don’t stink! They are small, so my pups can get them frequently, without too many calories.

This customer is happy because the treats are perfect for her dogs. The stick is odor-free, and the tiny shape has fewer calories. 

Another customer says: 

My dogs really love these bully sticks. They are pricey, but they are JUMBO, so they last longer than another brand I’ve purchased. I like that the sticks are odor-free, and made in the USA!

This customer is delighted because although the 12-inch stick is somewhat expensive, the size is huge. She can’t stop adoring the product’s odor-free and made-in-USA features! 

Thus, customers from Best Bully Sticks are satisfied because the products are incredible for their puppies. Thanks to its features, the puppies get nutritional treats for a longer period. 

Is Best Bully Sticks Worth It?

Checking this company on Reddit may help you. But, reading this review will conclude it best. Indeed, Best Bully Sticks is worth buying for all canine friends! 

Is Best Bully Sticks Worth It?
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Its features will give your dog a better health condition, reminding you of the stick’s high protein. In addition, you can let them train their chewing skill thoroughly. Hence, which size will you buy? 

Where to Buy Best Bully Sticks

Are you ready to provide your pet friend with 100% natural dog treats? Whether you’re searching for aggressive chewers or for teething puppies, the official website is too good to be true. You can buy everything there! 

In addition, the brand also sells USA-baked chews through a marketplace such as Amazon. Remember to visit its official store so that you won’t get scammed. Then, which method will you choose? 

Best Bully Sticks Phone Number

Online shipping is somehow risky. Yet, worry not because customer service is ready to help with your issues. Please get in touch with them through these methods: 

The team is also steady on the Live Chat. You can send a message there whenever they are online. Also, below is the company’s headquarters. 

Top Dog Best Bully Sticks, LLC.
5701 Eastport Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23231


Learn Best Bully Sticks deeply

Do you have more worries in your heart? Below are some answers to calm your negative mindset. 

Are Best Bully Sticks safe?

Definitely! The company ensures every manufacturing process is safe, providing healthy snacks for puppies and dogs. 

What are Best Bully Sticks made?

The products are made of single-ingredient bull’s pizzle (penis). 


Best Bully Sticks is a Virginia-based company offering healthy snacks for small to adult dogs. It provides a single ingredient that promotes dental health and fresh breath. 

Moreover, the odorless stick is terrific for indoor and outdoor consumption. So, if you want free shipping, fill in your cart over $99 now! Then, let’s visit the official website immediately! 

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