About Big Bat Box

Big Bat Box is a company that provides bat houses that serve as comfortable homes for bats. Therefore, they will help you by eating one of the most dangerous creatures for humans: mosquitoes.

About Big Bat Box
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In addition to reducing mosquitoes, bats also do an excellent job of their survival role for the ecosystem in which they live. For example, they can feed on plant pests, including beetle larvae, planthoppers, ants, moths, beetles, and flies.

Only some details are presented regarding the founder of this brand, but it is known that the brand is based in the United States. Thanks to its fantastic innovation, 300 people already follow the brand on Facebook.

Do you see bats flying around your neighborhood at night? Why not give them an extra home and let them keep mosquitoes out of your garden? Then, if you’re curious about this company and what it has to offer, don’t miss a piece in this Big Bat Box review!

Below, we’ll cover the best-selling products, price lists, and customer reviews so you’ll understand this brand accurately. Let’s dive in!

Why Big Bat Box?

Attracting bats to your home can be an easy option as natural pest control because bats are predators of mosquitoes.

At least bats prey on 1000 mosquitoes every night. You can try “inviting” bats to your backyard where, which is believed to reduce the number of mosquitoes significantly. This is where the Big Bat Box becomes functional.

Since several years ago, the natural habitat of bats has been eroded by construction and natural damage. With these bat houses, besides being able to reduce pests around residential areas, you can also provide new habitats for them.


  • BCI approved bat houses by Bat Conservation International.
  • Bat houses are smart tools where bats have wondrous benefits for the environment.
  • Their bat houses are used for National Park purposes throughout the U.S. and Europe.
  • Offer 10% discounts.
  • Take their online consult quiz for free to know which bat boxes are suitable for you.

With the highlights mentioned above, the Big Bat Boxes are reliable and multifunctional.

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What’s on Big Bat Box

Like other pests, mosquitoes are everywhere and year-round—big Bat Boxes manufactured by Wild Yard.

They have a mission to “help the planet and your backyard” to reduce the mosquito population by making unique bat houses since bats can also maintain the balance of the ecosystem and increase biodiversity.

Meanwhile, typical bat houses are made of wood designed to optimize the biological needs of bats.

Inside the house, there’s a structure that the bats can use to sink their claws into. Thus, these bats can enter the home easily through the entrance at the bottom of the house.

In addition, bats can choose to rest in cooler or warmer spaces in the house thanks to a series of ventilation holes drilled into the side of the house at different intervals.

During the day, the bat house absorbs sunlight, warms up the interior well, and always keeps it comfortable.

2 of their bat house products include:

Choosing your first bat house can be quite a challenge. Don’t worry. We’ll cover their two best-selling products in this Big Bat Box review.

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Big Bat Box Double Chamber Bat House (Black) Review

There’s so much more to the Big Bat Box than just being a garden decoration. Just like the Double Chamber Bat House (Black), it’s 100% quality guaranteed.

Big Bat Box Double Chamber Bat House (Black) Review
Image credit: bigbatbox.com
bigbatbox.com https://bigbatbox.com

The black-colored double chamber helped these small mammals survive in cooler temperatures that will hold heat better and automatically protect it from snow and rain.

It’s handcrafted from high-quality cedar wood that’s durable, lightweight, and rot-resistant. This provides the bats with the perfect place to roost.

Thus, a box size of 15”x12”x4” is sufficient to accommodate 75 bats. They can be easily hung and installed about 3 to 5 meters above the ground, in a sunny spot, and preferably facing south.

Order today for $43.99 and get free shipping for those of you living in the U.S. region. They’re also available on Amazon for the same price.

You can also have it returned (30 days after purchase) in case you’re dissatisfied and receive a 100% money-back guarantee.

Big Bat Box Triple Chamber Bat House (Black) Review

Installing bigger bat boxes with more chambers in your backyard significantly increases your chances of establishing a bat colony.

Big Bat Box Triple Chamber Bat House (Black) Review
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bigbatbox.com https://bigbatbox.com

This Triple Chamber Bat House (Black), for instance, can even hold up to 200 female bats that are even ideal for roosting.

This bat box measures 27”x15.5”x6.5” with colored black suitable for places with cooler temperatures.

This is a quality bat box with a unique rectangular design with 3 chambers so that bats are free to move and can adjust to any temperature.

It’s handmade from Western red cedar wood that’s known to adapt to any weather conditions, and it’s also rot-resistant.

Thus, it’s easy to install, and no assembly is required. Just screw it onto your house or trees.

Order yours today and get a $40 discount before it runs out of stock and a warranty for a lifetime.

No need to worry about shipping costs since it’s free. Get your bat box within 3-5 days of delivery!

Big Bat Box Pricing

How Much Does Big Bat Box Cost?

This brand sells bat house kits for between $43.99 and $45.99. Unfortunately, this brand does not offer customization.

In addition, the brand also wants to help you have a pleasant first shopping experience. By subscribing to the brand’s email, you can get 10% OFF directly in your cart!

Big Bat Box Pros and Cons

The big bat box is a unique and multifunctional tool that attracts bats and controls mosquitoes and other pests.

However, it’s incomplete if we don’t know the pros and cons of this bat house. In this Big Bat Box review, we’ll tell you of their pros and cons.


  • Reduce annoying pests, mainly mosquitoes and other insects (moths, beetles, wasps, etc.).
  • Create a safe place for the environment and the bats to make a colony.
  • It provides an alternative way of roosting.


  • Heaps of bat droppings give off an odor and can cause contamination and fungal illness.
  • It can be messy if not placed high above the house or ground.
  • Bats may carry rabies in case someone harmed them until they started biting.

Is Big Bat Box Worth It?

Bix Bat Box provides an eco-friendly solution to managing bats and offers many benefits to humans. However, is it really worth investing in? Let’s take a look at some of the points below:

  • By providing a home for bats, they can work to eradicate mosquitoes, so you can comfortably relax in your backyard.
  • The brand makes this bat house using high-quality cedar wood, so it does an excellent job of withstanding rain and snow and can last for years.
  • This Bat House kit also comes with stainless steel hardware that is easy to install and can be secured to homes, trees, and other locations.

From some of the salient points about the bat house kit, we can confidently say that Bix Bat Box is a brand that is very worthy of your trust. Because clearly, all the features you need are already present in this brand!

Big Bat Box Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

When it comes to new companies, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher whether a brand is trustworthy. Hence, we included some customer feedback against the brand’s bat house kit that we got through Amazon.

Big Bat Box Customer Reviews
Image credit: bigbatbox.com
bigbatbox.com https://bigbatbox.com

There, the brand received a 4.7/5 stars rating, with 79% of customers giving the brand a 5-star rating. So, let’s take a look at some of their feedback!

The first review comes from a customer who praised the quality of the brand’s bat house kit. This happy customer said:

I was worried that this product would be flimsy, but it is beautifully finished with high-quality cedar. I would live here if I were a bat! It’s all fitted properly…

Not only mosquitoes but bats can also help you eat crop pests, namely rats. This customer left a review about that. He said:

The deafening screeches of the swarms of filthy, disease-ridden, blind sky mice that dive-bomb our screaming, terrified children and pets every night at dusk is a small price to pay for a mosquito-free backyard.

As we said earlier, this bat house kit is the best solution to civilize them to get proper shelter and food. As this customer said:

I have a lot of bats on the property, but I want them to roost where they won’t get hurt or leave a guano clean-up problem. This is hopefully my solution!

It may sound too good to be true, but the brand’s bat house kits get mostly 5-star reviews. In addition, under 4% of customers leave a rating with no review for this brand.

Most of the customers who left real feedback on the brand could even describe how effective the product was in helping them. So we agree with most customers to say this brand is worthy.

Big Bat Box Customer Service

How To Contact Big Bat Box

Big Bat Box would love to hear more from you! Hence, feel free to drop your queries via email at wecare@bigbatbox.com or fill out the form on the brand’s official website.

Where To Buy Big Bat Box

All Big Bat Box collections can be purchased directly from their official website at bigbatbox.com. If you are more comfortable with shopping on a marketplace site, you can also pick them up from Amazon.

Big Bat Box Shipping Policy

Once you have completed your order, the brand’s team will start working on your order. To ensure that customers receive their packages in good condition, the brand uses Amazon, which has a very efficient delivery system.

The US delivery time is divided into 2, namely

  • Standard (3-5 working days)
  • Express (1-3 working days)

The company will send you an email regarding the delivery of your order. With this information, it will be easy for you to track your order.


Forget about annoying pests, especially mosquitoes flying all night long. Hang a Big Bat Box outside where the bats eat them all. Make sure to read the Big Bat Box review above for complete detail of what it really is.

It’s an eco-friendly and innovative solution to attract all kinds of bats (cave bats, brown bats, Yuma bats, etc.). So, get rid of any bug sprays you have at home when you have a bat house!

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