About Cheerble

The idea of establishing Cheerble came from some parents who share a similar passion for generating extraordinary stuff.

About Cheerble
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For them, pets need more than just ordinary toys. This was when they decided to launch some high-tech toys for pets in 2017.

The founders also expand their innovation stuff by exploring new products for the sake of keeping pets and owners in quality interaction.

All of those innovative products were made through comprehensive research and analysis for months. The result is the establishment of Cheerble.

Cheerble pays attention to products that are pet oriented without taking the owners’ comfort for granted.

Products include fetch balls, Frisbee, responsive bone-shaped toys, and other outstanding products that bring unlimited fun to our beloved pets.

Then, you might be amazed by this brand’s popularity. Apart from being featured in several famous press media, the brand has an astonishing number of social media followers, namely:

  • Instagram: 18.8K followers
  • TikTok: 4K followers
  • Twitter: 100+ followers
  • Facebook: 37K followers

Owners should never worry because all toys here are also controlled by an app. It means we can take control of those toys and training tools. This is why Cheerble is special.

Knowing the brand profile is not enough to convince you to put their best products in your cart.

Therefore, this Cheerble review will take you through the company’s product lineup, price list, and customer testimonials. So, let’s explore their pawstastic collections!

Why Cheerble?

Cheerble pays attention deeply to pets’ safety. All products here are made of high-quality materials that are toxic-free. They are also safe to play with and won’t harm pets. Of course, they are also safe for owners, especially kids.

All of these sophisticated toys are easy to operate. This is specifically for senior pet owners. They can use the gadgets without finding difficulties because all products have dynamic designs that maintain their trends.

Moreover, the brand also pays attention to pets’ needs, in which the focus is on solving problems that pet owners face. This is why the use of Internet of Things technology is what Cheerble applies. 

Pet owners are welcome to deliver their innovative ideas. They can become the best references for Cheerble to consider the next innovative products.

However, Cheerble doesn’t only provide toys. There are also electric drinking bowls, litter scoop with ground-breaking design, and many more.

What's On Cheerble

As a company that makes interactive pet toys, the brand have a variety of toys that are designed to keep your pet entertained and engaged. What are they? See the list below!

Cheerble Products Collections

Toys Supplies Accessories
Cheerble Ball
Wicked Ball
Wicked Egg
Wicked Ball PE
Wicked Ball SE
Wicked Mouse
Board Game
Ice Cream Ball
KiTiDOT Amusing Collar
Candy Brush
Meow Combo
KittySpring Combo
KittySpring Waterer 2
Rotatable Litter Scoop
Drinkie Water Dispenser
CheerUp Gift Pouch
Wicked Ball Outer Shell
Wicked Egg Outer Shell
Wickedbone Tires
KittySpring Glass Dish
KittySpring Non-slip Pad
Replacement DC Charging Cable (Custom Made | 2 Pack)
eGift Card

As you can see, this brand provides an extensive collection of toy pets! However, if we were to review all the products, it would take a lot of time.

Hence, we’ll head to the brand’s best product lineup, review them, and describe their best features. So, scroll up to begin!

Cheerble Wicked Ball Review

Playing time has never been fun with this interactive, automatic ball. The Wicked Ball can move automatically, so pets will be very curious yet enthusiastic. Pet owners can just leave pets with their Wicked Ball and let them play altogether excitingly.

Cheerble Wicked Ball Review
Image credit: cheerble.com
cheerble.com https://cheerble.com

Playing with Wicked Ball is versatile. You can let your pets play outdoors or indoors. Its randomized movement is dynamic, so pets will be very curious.

In addition, this ball can run automatically in playing and resting. This cycle is very important in avoiding overstimulation. Pets won’t be too tired.

Wicked Ball offers a 3-interaction mode for pet owners to choose from. They can choose Gentle, Normal, or Active. This ball is also water-resistant and rechargeable.

Cheerble Wickedbone Review

Welcome the ‘legendary’ bone that dogs love to play with in the form of a very interactive toy. This Wickedbone is the first smart dog toy that no other brand can compete with. A dog needs to play to avoid frustration.

Cheerble Wickedbone Review
Image credit: cheerble.com
cheerble.com https://cheerble.com

We can choose this bone-shaped toy that offers automatic stimulation that dogs will love. Our dogs will find this thing exciting as they can exercise as they need.

We can control this toy by using the Wickedbone app. There are 9 motions that we can choose to play with, or we can also move the bone so our puppy will chase it.

It can be very good for quality interaction between dogs and their owners. We can take this advantage too by getting this very amazing toy. Playing indoors or outdoors is fun with this Wickedbone.

Just like other products from Cheerble, the materials are not only durable but also safe. It is USB rechargeable with a very short charging time. Your dogs will find this amazing toy as their main favorite toy ever!

Cheerble Ball Review

Cats love to play with a ball. Instead of buying regular, small balls, why not choose this interactive one? Your cats will enjoy endless fun with this engaging toy. This Ball shape is very unique and it produces sounds that will make your feline curious.

Cheerble Ball Review
Image credit: cheerble.com
cheerble.com https://cheerble.com

The ball is equipped with a bright LED light that changes color continuously. We don’t have to worry about this smart ball because it has a regular cycle for playing and resting. There will be no overstimulation that makes our cats tired.

There are 3 modes of interaction that you can choose. Choices include Passive, Normal, and Gentle. So, all of them won’t make our cats exhausted.

There are still so many products that we can buy here. There are Candy Brush, Kitty Spring Waterer, Rotatable Litter Scoop, Drinkie Water Dispenser, and many more.

Cheerble Pricing

How Much Does Cheerble Cost?

The cost of Cheerble products depends on the specific model and retailer. The average price for a Cheerble is around $25. However, some models can be found for as low as $15, while others can cost upwards of $50.

Speaking about the 3 best-selling products above, below is their price based on the official website depending on the size and material of the toy:

Cheerble Wicked Ball

  • Small: $19.99
  • Medium: $24.99
  • Large: $29.99

Cheerble Wickedbone

  • Small: $14.99
  • Medium: $19.99
  • Large: $24.99

Cheerble Ball

  • Small: $9.99
  • Medium: $14.99
  • Large: $19.99

Also, remember that the prices of the toys may vary depending on the retailer.

Cheerble Pros and Cons

We can hardly find the disadvantages of Cheerble products in any Cheerble review. But, there are still pros and cons to all interactive toys here.


  • There are always special discounts for Wicked Series as the best-selling product.
  • Innovative and interactive toys for pets with very excellent features
  • The only brand that emphasizes human and pets interaction
  • Endless giveaways for buyers worldwide
  • Simple ways to shop by choosing based on two categories; supplies for dogs or toys
  • Choices of supplies are abundant and meet the comfort of pets


  • Cheerble doesn’t ship to countries in South America and Africa

Is Cheerble Worth It?

Cheerble is definitely worth it if you are looking for a pet toy with many interesting features. The features of this brand’s toy collection make them superior and worthy.

Features such as automatic operation, rechargeable batteries, and treat dispensers are some advantages of this brand’s toys that you may not find in other brands.

Cheerble Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Cheerble has received generally positive customer reviews. On Amazon, the Cheerble Wicked Ball has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating based on over 1,000 reviews.

Cheerble Customer Reviews
Image credit: cheerble.com
cheerble.com https://cheerble.com

Not only that, many customers have also praised the toy for keeping their pets entertained and active.

Well, to find out exactly what they said, this section is made for that! But, before we jump to the customer’s testimonials, let’s take a look at the ranking of the top 3 best-selling products:

  • Wicked Ball earned 4.6/5 star rating from 266 reviews
  • Wickedbone got 4.6/5 star rating from 271 reviews
  • Ball received 4.6/5 star rating from 434 reviews

We found a dog parent who gave Wicked Ball a perfect rating. He said this toy is great for his very active dog and loves to interact with humans. He said:

I can say this is my good buy. My dog is really love human attention. Fortunately, the ball only keeps him busy for a little while.

Next, we found a customer who clearly highly recommended Wickedbone. He found his dog really liked it! This customer said:

My dog really love this toy! FYI, This toy needs to use an app to control. It’s hard to control initially, but if you get used to it then that’s ok. I also like they have an Interactive mode. It’s pretty fun!!!

We have discussed how dogs respond to a brand’s toy collection. Next, a customer shared his feedback on the Tiny Smart Ball. This happy customer said:

This Ball is amazing! My cats absolutely love it! They have been owned it since Christmas. Also, the charge lasts for days, even with the cats playing with it all the time.

Well, we already know how customers respond to the brand’s top 3 products. Most of the customers showed satisfaction in shopping at this brand. Not a few of them also want to recommend the item. All in all, they’re safe & recommended to buy!

Cheerble Customer Service

How To Contact Cheerble

Cheerble provides a number of help options if you want to connect with the brand’s customer service regarding queries and such. So, here’s their contact lines:

Call: +852-5493-0264


Live chat: click on the bubble chat icon

Submit a form on the contact page of the official website

Where To Buy Cheerble

You can get Cheerble’s product collection in various ways. If you want genuine products by combining coupon codes or discount codes, their official website is the best way to start shopping.

Besides, if you prefer shopping through marketplaces, you can also get their products through Amazon, PetSmart, and Chewy.


What can we help you find?

These are some of the questions that customers often ask. Let’s check!

Where is Cheerble based?

The company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

How do you turn on a cheerble ball?

It is very easy to turn on the ball. Just tap or shake the ball, so it will immediately activate the ball. If it is not tapped or shaken, the ball will automatically activate after 5 seconds.

What are the modes in Wicked Ball?

Wicked Ball has 3 interaction modes, called gentle, normal, and active.


There is no other choice than to buy interactive toys and supplies at Cheerble. Based on this Cheerble review, we can summarize that we won’t feel sorry to buy what our pets need here.

Buying online is very easy for pet owners worldwide. So, why wait? Buy any of those toys and supplies from Cheerble and enjoy quality time together with our beloved pets.

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