Diggs Pet Review

When was Diggs Pet founded?

Diggs Pet gives the best supplies for our pets. However, products here are more than just common pet supplies. The founder of Diggs Pet, Zel Crampton, started with disappointment upon poorly created pet supplies.

Diggs Pet Review
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His effort in founding this company in 2016 is worth trying. In addition, it receives much support on Kickstarter. The result is outstanding crates and pet supplies that meet the needs of both pets and owners.

Diggs Pet pays attention seriously to improving the health and safety of pets through innovative design. Happy pets will make themselves healthy. It means owners won’t find too many problems in taking care of their beloved pets.  

There are problems that pet owners find when they use less-quality pet supplies. Some pet supplies don’t offer high-quality materials and user-friendly designs. They lead to uncomfortable pets when they do their daily activities or go on long trips.

Regardless of so many pet supplies here, the most popular one is a dog crate. It even features on presses such as People, Forbes, PetAge, HouseBeautiful, Rover, etc. In addition, many customers are following its social media, resulting in 12.5K on Facebook and 62.5K on Instagram. 

The innovation of all pet crates here will deliver comfort for both owners and pets. Keep reading to find out details about Diggs Pet review, as discussed below!

Why Diggs Pet?

Diggs Pet has become the main choice among pet owners who demand comfort and safety for their beloved pets. All supplies here are made based on the serious concern about excellent quality products that ensure pets’ health and comfy.

Why Diggs Pet?
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Even puppies will find their supplies comfortable, which is important to make them grow well. Pet owners won’t be confused anymore because they can effectively bring their pups into an adventurous journey. 

In addition, the products here include an orthopedic dog crate pad, crate training tool, food-grade food or water bowl, and even walk gear. All of them meet the safety standard that is toxic-free. Made of high-class materials, we can rest assured that we take care of our pets hassle-free.

What's on Diggs Pet

Diggs Pet offers various choices for pet owners who want to enjoy a nice trip comfortably. Crates, traveling sets, and collars are only to name a few. 

What's on Diggs Pet
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In fact, it offers seven different categories that pet owners will love, including:

Bundles Crates and Accessories
Carriers Bedding
Walk Gear Treats and Training 
Gift Card  

Meanwhile, this review will focus on some of the best-selling products, including:

So, let’s jump into the first carrier review now! 

Diggs Pet Tiny Traveler Set Reviews

Taking our beloved pets needs everything for the sake of a comfortable trip. This Tiny Traveler Set is available at a discounted price. The package includes Travel Carrier that is well-designed for convenience and safety.

Diggs Pet Tiny Traveler Set Reviews
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In addition, this 5-star Passenger Travel Carrier was crash test rated. Taking our beloved dogs by any transportation method will need this travel carrier.

The design allows us to keep things clean with fast and waste management for total cleanliness as it is equipped with Pee Pads.

Another excellent stuff within the package is the Groov Training Aid. It is a very special training tool that is attached to the crate. By using this training tool, a puppy will learn to love her crate.

We can also get easy-to-clean walk gear containing a collar, dispenser, and leash. The collar is made of moisture-free and odor-resistant materials.

Moreover, the leash is coated with nylon in a very soft texture. Also available is the poop bags with no-tear tissue style. We can just dispense smoothly with only one hand. 

So if you have a small puppy, check out this product immediately to enhance your traveling journey with Diggs Pet! 

Diggs Pet Revol Dog Crate Reviews

Revol Dog Crate is one of the best-selling products from Diggs Pet. It is designed attractively with a collapsible feature that makes us easy for setting it up. We can also easily transport the crate and store it when needed.

Diggs Pet Revol Dog Crate Reviews
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The inspiration for the design is the quality baby box that meets the highest quality standards. In addition, the use of premium materials is very crucial for durability.

The ergonomic style makes us comfortable when lifting it. Moreover, there are doors that are easy to use, in which there is an included puppy divider.

Revol pays attention to safety standards. Its pattern is made of diamond-shaped mesh with a very sturdy single-piece frame. The design can help prevent injury to dogs’ paws and jaws.

By using Revol, there will be no hard effort in cleaning. The removable tray is easy to clean up. The avant-garde materials of the frame avoid rusting. What’s more, it is equipped with training tools like a ceiling hatch and a puppy divider.

Pups will feel very comfortable, thanks to the side door that is designed like our garage. It adds space for puppies to move. Injured dogs will also feel comfortable with wider crate space.

Bringing this crate anywhere won’t make you feel bothered. It is transportable with a collapsible design. The carrying handle is available, along with wheels.

Setting up in seconds is what we need to bring our beloved pets everywhere—placing the crate within a car, RV, and many other spaces. Then, let’s buy it immediately and give the most comfy space for your pup! 

Diggs Pet Snooz Crate Pad Reviews

Our beloved pet needs to lounge in style. So if you need one, look no further than buying this Snooz Crate Pad. Our pet will feel comfy in this crate pad.

Diggs Pet Snooz Crate Pad Reviews
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Its main material is CertiPUR-US memory foam for creating an orthopedic feature with a very luxurious appearance. Furthermore, the outer layer is washable.

For sure, we can fit it within Revol perfectly as it is available in several sizes, based on Revol’s. You may choose between small, medium, intermediate, and large ones. 

So, are you ready to give a cozy pad for your pup? If you do, let’s get the offer right away! 

Diggs Pet Pricing

Knowing the product price will help you a lot in budgeting your money. I’ll tell you. First, the Tiny Traveler Set is only available in one size so you can have it for $307.75 with an additional 20% discount. The result is only $215.43. 

Meanwhile, here are the price explanations for the products, which have several sizes:

  Small Medium Intermediate Large
Revol $375 $475 $595 $675
Snooz $78 $108 $130 $150

Do not forget to subscribe to newsletters to receive a promo code and updated for sale information. So, let’s fill your cart up to $50 and get free shipping right away! 

Diggs Pet Pros & Cons

Talking about this pet supply company is easy. Why? Because you may conclude the good and bad sides from the pros and cons below. If you’re curious, take a closer look!


  • All products are made specifically for pets’ comfort and safety
  • Prices meet the quality
  • Complete choices of tools for pets’ traveling
  • Discounts for buying some bundle deals


  • Only ships within the USA and Canada

Diggs Pet Customer Reviews

Before closing this review, we will focus on how people react after purchasing Diggs Pet products. So if you’re curious about the ratings, keep reading this section thoroughly! 

Diggs Pet Customer Reviews
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First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned dog supplies:

The ratings are high, and below is what a satisfied customer said:

Amazing quality, and the fact it is washable is a plus point. Nice support for my dog. He fits nicely in the crate. I’m happy with the product!

This customer and her pup are happy because the carrier is impressive. It is supportive, and the puppy can fit inside the space. 

Another utterance said: 

The supply standards starts and ends with this Revolution Revol. Supreme design when you see it to looks, function, and safety. It is the forever home for your loved one!

This customer finds the crate amazing because its design is terrific. Furthermore, it is functional and safe for the puppy!

The last one said:

It is a great crate pad! So durable and comfy! Took Whiskey, my pup, several days to get used to it after removing the one he is used to, but now everything’s fine.

This last customer sees the pad comfortable and durable. Although his pup may require several times to get used to the pad, all good now. 

In short, Diggs Pet performs exceptionally in creating dog supplies for all customers. Not only are they made of high-quality products, but also they function amazingly for the pups! 

Is Diggs Pet Worth It?

There is no doubt that these Diggs Pet products are worth buying. Every dog supply here meets the safety standard without taking the quality materials for granted.

Is Diggs Pet Worth It?
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Besides, there are cheaper choices for buying bundle deals. We can save much if we buy some bundle deals at once.

So rather than buying the refurbished or the used ones, you can check any discount code or sale during big events such as Black Friday and start shopping! 

Where to Buy Diggs Pet

Don’t you ever wonder where the company sells its products? Fortunately, you may buy it online on the official site and marketplace.  

If you prefer live shopping while allowing your pup to choose the preferred products, go with a near-me store locator. There are several locations across the US you can visit. 

In contrast, if you want to avoid shipping fees, the site gives a free shipping rate whenever you buy more than $50. So, are you ready to purchase the crates?

Diggs Pet Customer Service

How do I email Diggs Pet?

Some of you may have questions concerning the products. If you do, please pop up your queries to these methods:

The team will reply at least 24 hours after you send the queries. Furthermore, you may visit the following address to meet the team face-to-face. 

Diggs Pet Headquarters
29-10 Thomson Ave.,
Suite C760, Studio 14
Long Island City, NY 11101


Learn Diggs Pet deeply

To give more insights, here are several most asked questions from the customers. Take a closer look! 

How big is the Diggs intermediate crate?

The dimensions of this intermediate revol crate are 41 x 28 x 31 inches for the external and 39 x 25 x 28 inches for the internal. 

How much do Diggs crates weight?

The smallest crate inflatable weight is 25 lbs. Meanwhile, the biggest size weighs 53 lbs. 


After reading this Diggs Pet review, we will have no doubt about buying all pet supplies here. Diggs Pet is a one-stop solution for the needs of our pets.

Traveling and taking care of our pets has never been easier than having any of the pet supplies from Diggs Pet. So let’s choose your preferred travel case and bring your pup to the resort journey now! 

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