DOG by Dr Lisa Reviews

Dr Lisa Chimes is an Australian veterinarian and a mother of 7, 4 children and 3 dogs. Her effort in creating a company called DOG by Dr Lisa is to create natural and safe pet supplies starting in 2019. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Reviews
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Her company manufactures all products in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, she is committed to utilizing plant-based ingredients and non-fragrance so that they are safe for dogs and humans. 

You can rely on this company whenever you want to take care of your puppy or dog. Lisa delivers the meal guide so you don’t make mistakes while feeding your paw friends. Plus, don’t worry about the ingredients since they are vegan! 

While this company ensures no harmful ingredients are included, you can also check its press release on Today Show, Vogue, Daily Telegraph, etc. Pawrents, around 18K, assemble on Facebook and over 44.6K on Instagram! 

Then, are you ready to check more on the company? Read this DOG by Dr Lisa review to know more. Ensure you read till the end, then prepare a budget. Before that, let’s start with the reasons to purchase from the company now! 

Why DOG by Dr Lisa?

As previously discussed, the company is concerned about your dog supplies. Other than formulated and recommended by the vet, is that the only thing the company is proud of? 

Why DOG by Dr Lisa?
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Look no further than reading the following highlights! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Highlights 

  • Dog supplies manufactured by Australian 
  • Veterinarian formulated and used by vets 
  • Plant-based natural ingredients 
  • Vegan and cruelty-free 
  • Compostable and biodegradable 
  • Aluminum-based and recyclable packaging 
  • Donates several percentages of advantage to RSCPA 
  • Ships worldwide 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Accepts many high ratings from customers 

What's On DOG by Dr Lisa

As an owner, you can start hyping your puppy by learning the product categorization from the company. Can you guess what kind of products that Dr Lisa develops for your beloved pets? 

What's On DOG by Dr Lisa
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Here are the 4 categories: 

Coat Care Health 
Lifestyle Accessories 

But let’s not waste time by shortcutting the discussion in this DOG by Dr Lisa review into 4 topics: 

Then, let’s jump into the next section! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Wipes Reviews

Let’s start the discussion with the best-selling Dog Wipes! It is the most innovative idea that Dr Lisa has ever created because most puppies hate washing. But say no more to stinky coats because this 21 x 20 cm wipe will clean them thoroughly! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Wipes Reviews
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It can refresh your pup’s skin and coat between baths. In addition, it is recyclable, meaning you can use it multiple times daily. Clean them after meals, baths, toilet affairs, and others. 

It is made in New Zealand, with plant-based ingredients. Not only that, the product is vegan-friendly and compostable. The team has never tested it on animals, too. So, do you have an eye on this wipe for your puppy? 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Leave in Conditioner Reviews

Are you too busy to take care of your puppy? If so, purchasing this no-rinse Dog Leave in Conditioner will cover your back. This cruelty-free product is made of 100% biodegradable and plant-based ingredients. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Leave in Conditioner Reviews
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In addition, it features organic coconut oil, rose water, and chamomile. Those elements will moisturize your dog’s coat between washes. You may also use it after bathing by rubbing it on their skin and massage it lightly. 

Remember not to rinse off the vegan-friendly material. Instead, let it absorb inside the coat and skin. Then, brush the coat and see how moist and shiny its skin is! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Wee Cleaner Reviews

You’ll see your pup pees frequently, and it stains marks, and even odors. If this ever happens to you, please clean it with this Dog Wee Cleaner. It is scented well, neutralizing the odors and removing the smelly aroma. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Wee Cleaner Reviews
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This plant-based product is vegan-friendly and 100% biodegradable. In addition, you may use it in all areas, whether on a carpet or soft furnishing.

But first, clean the pee with a soft fabric and absorb all the urine. Then, spray the cleaner to saturate the area. Let it dry, and your house will be free of smelly wee and stinky smells! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Fibre Reviews

Who says that Dr. Lisa only sells products for dogs’ outer parts? In contrast, the beautiful founder insists on providing healthy Dog Fibre to support bowel health due to the prebiotics, postbiotics, and paraprobiotics. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Dog Fibre Reviews
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This made-in-Australia product is organic without GMO ingredients. It will improve the stools in your dogs. Further, you can feed them easily due to the provided meal guide and a scoop. Merely match the body weight to get the correct amount. 

What if your dog doesn’t like new food? Worry not because its flavor has a natural taste. Mix it inside the meal, and let the good ingredients influence them immediately. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Pricing

This section will list the product’s price. You can see it thoroughly from the table below before placing an order. Then, let’s prepare the budget! 

  One-Time Purchase Subscribe and Save
Dog Wipes  $84 $67 $67 $56.95 
Dog Fibre $35 $35 $29.75
  Size Price
Dog Leave in Conditioner 500 ml bottle  $33
  1-liter refill $54 
Dog Wee Cleaner  750 ml bottle  $37
  3-liter refill $124

Promotions and Discounts 

  • Enjoy a 10% off first-time order 
  • Save up to 18% on auto-delivery subscription plan 
  • Bundle a set and acquire a 25% off 
  • Get a special discount code by joining the newsletter subscription 
  • Free US shipping when you order over $80 
  • etc. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Pros and Cons

Before going deeper into the discussion, let’s discuss the company’s pros and cons. What are they? 


  • Pet supplies made of high-quality ingredients 
  • Natural and biodegradable 
  • Aims to minimize harm with recyclable products 
  • Provides meal guides for puppies to adult dogs 
  • Ships internationally
  • Free US shipping when you buy $80+  
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Gets many tail-wagging reviews 


Fortunately, we can’t find any bad things compiled by the company, meaning it is trusted. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Customer Reviews

You must dig deeply into this testimonial section to answer this post’s title. You’ll see why the company is famous and why customers are satisfied after the purchase. Get prepared and start digging in! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Customer Reviews
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First, here are the dog supply ratings: 

Meanwhile, some customers say: 

I really love the Dog Wipes! They help to keep my dog clean between baths, and they are great on dog’s sensitive skin. Definitely recommend them.

This customer loves the helpful wipes for her dog. Not only does it keep her dog clean, but it is also recommended because it suits sensitive skin. 

Another one says: 

I love it for keeping my Cairn terrier looks and smells so good in between baths. It makes coat silky and is easier to brush. Also, it helps to fight tangles.

This customer is thankful because the conditioner can make her dog’s coat better. Further, it makes her smell so good! 

In conclusion, DOG by Dr Lisa receives much attention due to its features for everyone’s dogs. Thus, customers are satisfied, bringing high ratings for each released product. 

Is DOG by Dr Lisa Worth It?

Do you intend to check DOG by Dr Lisa on reviews Reddit? It is no longer needed because the company is worth it! Not only does it have no contradictions, but it also ensures quality with vegan and plant-based ingredients. 

Is DOG by Dr Lisa Worth It?
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In addition, you can save the earth because of its recyclable packaging. Your pup will also love using the products because they suit sensitive skin. Therefore, you can take care of it effectively by buying over $80 and getting free shipping! 

Where to Buy DOG by Dr Lisa

Are you ready to clean your house from your dog’s pee and poo? If so, let’s get the products immediately on the official website. Don’t forget to fill in your cart over $80 for US shipping free! 

Also, you can find it on Amazon, nearby retailers, and its stockist Perth. But it is unavailable on Petbarn or Woolworths. So be sure to get the dog supply from the official store to avoid scams! 

DOG by Dr Lisa Contact Number

Are you confused about online purchasing or want to ask about the stockists Melbourne? If you do, please get in touch with customer service through these ways: 

You can ask anything regarding wholesale, order tracking, product, refund, etc. Further, you may also visit the following address if you need to face the team immediately. 

DOG by Dr Lisa Ltd Address
2500 83rd St Ste 12, 
North Bergen, 
NJ 070747-1489 


Dig deeply on DOG by Dr Lisa

You may have more questions even after reading the review. If you do, please read the following sections and get more insights! 

Who owns DOG by Dr Lisa?

Dr. Lisa Chimes owns this company. 

Where is DOG by Dr Lisa made?

The products are made in Australia and New Zealand. 

What are the ingredients in DOG by Dr Lisa?

They feature natural, vegan, and plant-based ingredients without preservatives and harmful elements. 


DOG by Dr Lisa is a company offering veterinarian-formulated products for pups and doggies. You can rely on its products because of its valuable features. Plus, vets are recommending the items to all-paw parents. 

This Australian-based company provides a global website allowing you to buy any products wherever you are. Further, you can be relieved because its products are plant-based ingredients. Interested? Let’s get the products now! 

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