Frontier Pets Review

Is Frontier Pets Australian owned?

Diana Scott founded Frontier Pets in 2017. It is an Australian-made and owned company that produces raw food for pets. In addition, it is backed up with veterinarians’ holistic practice by Dr. Kathy Carnack and Dr. Katrina Warren. 

Frontier Pets Review
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They partner with sustainable agriculture farms to manufacture high-quality, non-GMO, and preservative-free pet foods. The network is enormous because the founder successfully makes free-range and human-quality products for dogs and cats. 

Furthermore, the treats are gluten- and grain-free, making them safer for your fur friends. You can choose the main ingredients from beef, cow, and chicken, allowing you to select favorite flavor so your pet loves the taste. 

This company receives much attention, yet it never experiences a dog food recall. Even better, the founder has shown up on Shark Tank TV Show. You’ll also find the company on Financial Review, Sunrise, 10, etc. 

Its social media is filled with more than 18K followers on Facebook and Instagram. Since it is interesting, this Frontier Pets review will dig deeper into the products, pricing, and testimonials. If you have an eye on it, let’s jump right in! 

Why Shop at Frontier Pets?

To begin with, you can read the following highlights to lead you to more understanding. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Why Shop at Frontier Pets?
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Here they are: 

Frontier Pets Highlights 

  • Australian-owned and made 
  • Gains USD 7 million net worth in 2022 
  • Ethically sourced from sustainable farmers 
  • Free-range meat and certified organics 
  • Freeze-dried with 100% human-quality natural elements 
  • Backed-up scientifically by veterinarians 
  • Preservative-free, non-GMO, and free of grain/gluten
  • Exclusively sells products through the official website 
  • The highest rating received is 9.7/10 for dog foods and 9.8/10 for cat foods

What's On Frontier Pets

Diana Scott and her veterinarian colleagues strive to give you the best after help from sustainable agriculture. But what items can you purchase from this company? 

What's On Frontier Pets
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It only divides the categories into 2, including: 

Dogs  Cats 
Offering dog food, puppy food, treats, bundles, and accessories.  Offering cat food 

However, this Frontier Pets review will only enroll in 3 products mentioned below: 

Then, let’s get started! 

Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Strips Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling food for your dogs and puppies! Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Strips contain 61% protein and 34% fat. In addition, it is free of gluten and GMOs and features only human-quality ingredients. 

Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Strips Reviews
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This Australian-made food is made of free-range and grass-fed beef. Your dogs will love eating it because the beef tripe is delicious, and its 140 grams weight will immediately run out in a month! 

Furthermore, you can feed your pup easily because it has large and small pieces. If your dog transforms new diet habit, the small amount is a great help. Then, place it in a safe place with no refrigerator, and you can give healthy food to your dog

Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Chicken Necks Treats Reviews

Next, these Freeze-Dried Chicken Necks Treats are specifically made for dogs and cats. Backed up by the expert, this Australian-made treat features 59% protein and 26% fat. You can feed it dry because it has a crunchy texture

Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Chicken Necks Treats Reviews
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In addition, this 200-gram weight treat is breakable, and you can cut it into smaller pieces. The 100% free-range chicken is free of gluten and GMO. Your pet will have healthy snacks since it is made of human-quality ingredients

You may store it anywhere, and you need no refrigeration. This freeze-dried treat will be the pet’s favorite whenever they need an energizing snack! So not only is the product features high-quality ingredients, but also they are healthy for them

Frontier Pets Wild Caught Australian Whole Fish Reviews

Who says that the company only sells dog foods? Instead, this Wild Caught Australian Whole Fish is a perfect cat food that contains free-range meat and offal. When eating, your cat will taste lamb and Wild Caught Australian salmon ingredients. 

Frontier Pets Wild Caught Australian Whole Fish Reviews
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In addition, this freeze-dried food is sustainably sourced. You can choose the sizes between 300 grams and 900 grams. It also has vitamins and minerals, is free of GMOs, certified organic and free-range eggs. 

This human-quality food features 46% protein, 45% fat, and 3% carbohydrates. Furthermore, since it is gluten-free, your cat will not gain weight. Instead, they will get healthier due to the functional ingredients and delicious taste. 

Frontier Pets Pricing

This company tends to provide high-quality products, meaning you must prepare several budgets. The products range from $6.95 up to $451.35. Meanwhile, here is the price classification for the abovementioned products. 

Product  One-time Purchase  Subscribe and Save 
Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Strips $12.00 $10.80
Freeze-Dried Chicken Necks Treats $24.00 $21.60
Wild Caught Australian Whole Fish $74.95 $67.46

You may also join the newsletter subscription for exclusive discount codes and deals. Therefore, get the offer, and you’ll get your desired pet food at a more affordable price! 

Frontier Pets Pros and Cons

Are you curious about this brand’s pros and cons? Then, here they are: 


  • Pet food made from organic manufacturing 
  • Ethically farmed from sustainable farming 
  • Offers different meat with delicious products 
  • Available in trial and bundle pack 
  • Differs products for adult dogs and puppies 
  • Provides food calculator for pets 
  • Ships domestically 


  • It doesn’t offer free shipping for local orders 
  • No return due to unsatisfied customers and no international shipping 

Frontier Pets Customer Reviews

Knowing a company’s quality is easy. How so? You can check its testimonials to see how satisfied the customers are after purchasing the company’s products. Then, stay tuned to this section to know its rating! 

Frontier Pets Customer Reviews
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Below is the rating of the abovementioned pet food: 

Meanwhile, here is what a satisfied customer said: 

Manny loves his Frontier treats so much. He will eat the whole bag if he want it that way. It is such an excellent healthy treat!

This customer’s dog is in love with this healthy treat. He may even eat all of the treats at one time. 

Another customer said: 

Molly, my Australian Silky Terrier really loves her chicken necks treat, they are even gone in a flash! 

This customer’s puppy can’t stop nibbling her chicken neck treats. Furthermore, she eats it fast due to the treat’s delicious flavor. 

The last customer stated: 

My cats love the food’s formula. It’s delicate knowing I can give them proper food with no nasty fillers. And, it’s also sustainable! Couldn’t be happier for that! 

This customer’s cat likes the food so much. The customer is also happy because the food she gives is sustainable without harmful ingredients. 

In short, Frontier Pets strives to provide high-quality and clean pet foods for all animals. Thus, customers and pets are satisfied with delicious and healthy flavors. 

Is Frontier Pets Worth It?

Paw parents know well that many brands offer pet food in Australia—however, none like this company. Indeed, Frontier Pet is worth checking out due to its high-quality ingredients and sustainably sourced manufacturing process. 

Is Frontier Pets Worth It?
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The founder and veterinarians work wonderfully in creating raw foods with human-grade quality. Furthermore, the free-range feature helps you care for your pet with healthy products.

You can choose the main ingredient from beef, chicken, fish, lamb, or pork! Therefore, they would not get harmful components. Instead, they will be more beneficial in the state! 

Where to Buy Frontier Pets

Most of you may prefer live shopping, and many are curious whether the products are available on stockists or Petbarn. Unfortunately, you can’t find it there. 

Instead, this company exclusively offers products through the official website. It is the only place you can get, and you won’t experience scams. So, let’s immediately get the deals! 

Frontier Pets Contact

Are you confused about choosing the flavor you need for your pet? If you are, feel free to ask for assistance from customer service at: 

In addition, you can ask directly from the Live Chat. The team will immediately reply, but please wait for at least 24 hours to get it. Furthermore, you can visit the headquarters at the address below.

Frontier Pets Headquarters Location 
1 Winjeel Road, Evans Head 
New South Wales 2473 Australia 


Dig deeper on Frontier Pets

You may have more curiosity which results in several questions. To give you a new insight, here are the most asked questions. 

Who is the founder of Frontier Pets?

Diana Scott founded this pet food company. 

Where is Frontier pet food made?

The company manufactures every product in Australia. 

Is Frontier dog food raw?

Yes, the food is raw and freeze-dried, sustainably made, and ethically sourced. 


Providing the best for your pet is a must for every paw parent. You can’t randomly choose pet foods because they may contain harmful elements. However, it would never happen with Frontier Pets. Veterinarians source this Australian-owned and made company. The products are ethical and sustainable. 

You do not need to log in to the official website. Instead, you may immediately choose the flavor you like. If you have more budget, the bundle is fantastic! But if you are limited in funding, the trial one is perfect! Whether you’re subscribing to the plan or buying one-time, let’s place an order immediately!

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