Funny Fuzzy Reviews

Who is Funny Fuzzy?

Funny Fuzzy is a brand offering pet lifestyle accessories for dogs and cats. This company’s profile is hidden. None knows the founder’s name and establishment year. However, the official website stated that a group of pet lovers founded it

Funny Fuzzy Reviews
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It aims to provide fun and joyful pet products by bringing coziness to your house. In addition, the product’s flexibility allows you to use them indoors and outdoors. It also has a dog seat car with first-safety class to protect pets while riding. 

The variety of sizes and shades are perfect for baby pets to adults. Furthermore, you can’t stop admiring the products since they are made of high-quality materials. The founders ensure to give adequate care, such as machine-washable

This company has been featured on BuzzFeed, Incredible Things, Day’s Best Life, Breeding and Business, etc. It also gains many followers on social media, such as 80K on Facebook and 97K on Instagram. 

Your curiosity will be answered by reading this Funny Fuzzy review thoroughly. Then, you’ll see why 3 million++ likes are intended for this company. So let’s start the discussion without stopping by at all! 

Why Funny Fuzzy?

Where is Funny Fuzzy located?

You may be curious why you should trust this company. Well, it is natural because you can’t give any products to your pets. Then, what does make Funny Fuzzy worth trusting? 

Why Funny Fuzzy?
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Here is the explanation: 

Funny Fuzzy Highlights 

  • New York-based pet-friendly brand 
  • Pet lifestyle company offering cat and dog essentials
  • Sells exclusively from the official website  
  • Offers colorful shades with a variety of sizes 
  • Detachable and machine washable 
  • Promotes flexibility, functionality, and comfortability 
  • Provides many discount codes and promotions 
  • Ships to the US territories 
  • Gains many 5-star ratings from the customers 

What's On Funny Fuzzy

You know this company’s famous for its high-quality dog and cat accessories. Both pets have different needs for their routines. So, what do this company offer? 

What's On Funny Fuzzy
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Here are the 8 available categories: 

Beds and Blankets Carriers and Travels
Toys  Bowls and Feeders
Leashes and Clothing  Grooming and Cleaning 
Cat Necessities  Couch Cover 

Then, let’s focus on the 6 all-rounders we’ll discuss in this Funny Fuzzy review

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first dog bed reviews! 

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling Dog Car Seat available for one or two seats. You can purchase the size you need based on your pet’s amount. In addition, it is available in 15 shades, from dark to bright hues. The safety buckle is by the dog’s collar. 

Funny Fuzzy Dog Car Seat Reviews
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This product features adjustable leashes and seat belts, allowing you to keep your pet safe in the car. Furthermore, you can use it indoors and outdoors. Whether you need it for driving or playing in the house, this seat is ready! 

Even better, customers do not need much effort to keep it clean. Instead, the seat is removable and compatible with the washing machine. Thus, where will you bring your dog for this Sunday’s riding? 

Funny Fuzzy Dog Donut Bed Reviews

Creating a home for your dog is easy. How so? You can support their quality rest by purchasing this Dog Donut Bed. It is detachable and machine washable, with 8 shades and M to XL sizes.  

Funny Fuzzy Dog Donut Bed Reviews
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You can check the size guide and match it with your puppy’s body. Ensure it is far away from water so the stain does not stay. Thanks to the waterproof cover, you’ll not regret buying it! 

Further, the product is made of premium cotton and velveteen material. Thus, your pup will sleep comfily on a soft yet thick bed texture

Funny Fuzzy Leaf Shape Dog Blanket Reviews

The picture above may make you think the leaf blanket is adorable. Yes, this Leaf Shape Dog Blanket is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re spending time indoors or outdoors. This company is being creative by designing 7 shapes and shades

Funny Fuzzy Leaf Shape Dog Blanket Reviews
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In addition, the blanket is perfect for a puppy and a kitten. You may also let your dogs and cats lay there comfily. The leaf is the impersonation of nature, allowing your pet to have a cozy resting. 

This machine-washable blanket also functions as a cushion and mat. You may place it anywhere inside your house to give your pet a place to snuggle. So, which shape do you love the most? 

Funny Fuzzy Flower Shape Cat Couch Reviews

Do you have a cat and a dog simultaneously? Worry not because this Flower Shape Cat Couch won’t make your kitten envy your puppy. Why? Because it has a cutie flower shape and is available in S and L sizes. 

Funny Fuzzy Flower Shape Cat Couch Reviews
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You can check the size guide and pick the shade from the 4 available options. They can sink deeply to have a comfortable position. Furthermore, the super soft rabbit fleece and polypropylene cotton materials promote a super smooth texture. 

Your cat won’t fall because this cat couch is wrapped fully for extra security. It is also 15 cm thicker to give extra warmth. No need to worry about the care because it is waterproof and moisture-resistant. So, will you buy this slip-resistant item? 

Funny Fuzzy Garden Chic Cover Couch Reviews

This Garden Chic Cover Couch will protect your sofa from pet scratches and stains. It is available in 6 sizes and 5 shades, allowing you to match it with your house color. Furthermore, your pet may sleep comfily on this padding. 

Funny Fuzzy Garden Chic Cover Couch Reviews
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This versatile option is functional for many textures. You can lay it on a sofa, bedside, or even on the floor as a carpet. Even better, the quality lets you clean it with a washing machine. Thus, everything’s set, and you can snuggle with your furry friend! 

Funny Fuzzy Dog Waterproof Rain Coat Reviews

The final product of this Funny Fuzzy pet reviews is Dog Waterproof Rain Coat. Technically, it is not a bed or couch, but it is helpful to protect your pet during the chill season. It is available in S to XXL, allowing you to choose the most fit. 

Funny Fuzzy Dog Waterproof Rain Coat Reviews
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The coat will shine brightly after the vehicle headlights. In addition, all the parts are reflective and resistant to water, dirt, and wind. The zips are seamless, and the closure is adjustable, won’t pull your dog’s hair. 

Furthermore, this fashionable and machine-washable product features a changeable velcro material. Thus, are you ready to give your puppy more protection from rain and snow? 

Funny Fuzzy Pricing

Sometimes, you may fear purchasing products due to their high price. But it is no need anymore because the company offers many discounts. Here is the price classification: 

Product  Regular Price  Discounted Price 
Dog Car Seat $149.99 $79.99
Dog Donut Bed $117.99 $59.99
Leaf Shape Dog Blanket $76.90 $39.99
Flower Shape Cat Couch $59.00 $37.17
Garden Chic Cover Couch $99.00 $65.34
Dog Waterproof Rain Coat $73.00 $37.23

Funny Fuzzy Promotions 

  • Subscribe to the official website for special discounts 
  • Enjoy a 10% discount for first-time order 
  • Save up to 49% and get free gift on Summer Sale 
  • Acquire 15% off on orders over $200+ 
  • Free US shipping fee when you buy $79+ 

Thus, click the link below and get the offer! 

Funny Fuzzy Pros and Cons

Do you want to know more about this pet necessity company? Look no further than reading the following explanation! 


  • Pet accessories and lifestyle for your furry friends
  • Available in size variety and designs 
  • Suitable for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, and adult cats 
  • Promotes indoor and outdoor usage 
  • Free US standard shipping free for orders over $79
  • 14-day return policy 


  • Only available on the official site 
  • Hidden company profile 
  • No shipping outside the US 
  • Returns over 14 days are ineligible for the refunds

Funny Fuzzy Customer Reviews

Some of you may be curious about how many ratings the company receives from Trustpilot. But this section will focus on the ratings from the official website. So, let’s dig deeper into it! 

Funny Fuzzy Customer Reviews
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Below are the ratings for the abovementioned pet accessories: 

One of the satisfied customers said: 

My dogs were never been calm and comfy in my car. But since they have these car beds, it makes me feel so much better because they’re safe and secure while riding in the car with me.

This customer’s dogs are now safe and sound thanks to the dog car seat. Not only are the dogs secured, but also the owner is relieved. 

Another customer said: 

100% recommend this dog coat. The best we’ve ever had. Amazing quality and design, it also seems so comfy for Odin.

This customer recommends the waterproof coat because it is well-designed. Furthermore, her [et is comfy wearing it! 

In short, Funny Fuzzy wins the competition because many customers are satisfied with the product’s quality. Even though it does not provide pet socks, still, the company is worth checking out. 

Is Funny Fuzzy Worth It?

Undoubtedly, Funny Fuzzy is worth checking out to support your pet’s comfort indoors and outdoors. You can spend the affordable to purchase any unique design that suits any condition. 

Is Funny Fuzzy Worth It?
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Further, you’ll gain a free shipping perk for orders over $79. What are you waiting for? Leave Reddit reviews, place an order, and purchase now! 

Where to Buy Funny Fuzzy

This company exclusively sells pet products on the official website. It doesn’t available on Amazon. Instead, the site is the only place you can visit to get the original product without being scared of getting scams. 

You must know that it only ships to US territories. So, it won’t send orders to the UK or Europe countries. Then, are you ready to support your pet in getting a more qualified sleep and rest? 

Funny Fuzzy Customer Service

Reviews complaints are two things that customer service will help with. Should you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact them through these ways: 

You can contact them immediately through the Live Chat. The team will reply within 10 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. Furthermore, you can visit this headquarter to meet them one-on-one. 

Funny Fuzzy Headquarters Address
418 Broadway, STE R, 
Albany, NY, 12207 


Purchasing pet accessories is no longer complicated because you can find whatever you need from Funny Fuzzy. This New York-based company provides many products, from cover couches, blankets, beds, and couches, to clothing! 

You may even check the most suitable fit for your dogs and cats. As a result, you can protect them while giving them comfort indoors and outdoors. Visit the website, gain the offer, and complete the payment now! 

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