Huntaway Reviews

The brand’s story began when the founder, Cam Mathias, set out to create a better dog food that provided dogs with nutrition, helped with itchy skin and sensitive stomachs, and supported healthy hips and joints.

Huntaway Reviews
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After going through menu testing by comparing notes, researching ingredients on the market, and studying AAFCO, BARF, PMR, and other industry feeding standards, Cam finally found the ideal recipe, and Huntaway was born.

The brand then provides nutritious raw frozen dog food from sustainably harvested New Zealand wild venison, combined with complementary ingredients to provide food rich in vitamins, minerals, and health benefits.

With a wide range of treats, chews, and practical products, the brand is constantly evolving to provide more options for feeding your dog in the most nutritious, convenient, and sustainable way.

Thanks to its outstanding dedication, the brand’s dog food products have caught the attention of many dog lovers. As seen in the brand’s social media accounts, they have gained 2k followers on Instagram.

If you’re curious about each ingredient in the brand’s dog food and how it works, don’t miss a single section of this Huntaway review, as we will go in-depth. Now, shall we begin?

Why Shop at Huntaway Raw Dog Food?

Wild venison has been the trademark of this brand. It remains the main component for raw dog food, treats, chews, and other functional products. The brand chose venison for a reason. There are good reasons behind it, and we’ll explain them in this section.

Why Shop at Huntaway Raw Dog Food?
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Venison is one of the new protein sources. That gives it hypoallergenic characteristics, i.e., dogs are less likely to react badly to it. In addition, venison is a good food ingredient for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Secondly, venison is high in nutrition. It contains good B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, and iron, essential for maintaining healthy blood cells and metabolism. Similarly, iron and phosphorus help maintain healthy blood and bones in dogs.

Venison is a leaner alternative to other typical proteins. Likewise, it’s an excellent option for building lean muscle in active dogs and also provides high-quality protein in dogs that tend to gain weight.

It’s delicious! Besides being a rich source of healthy vitamins and ingredients, the brand also helps dogs have a good appetite with flavor in mind. As a result, most dogs love the taste of the brand’s raw venison dog food!

With all the benefits and ingredients contained in the brand’s raw venison dog food, of course, you want to know precisely what ingredients are inside them and why dogs love them so much. You can find out right away by scrolling to the next section.

What's On Huntaway Review

The brand provides frozen raw dog food that is nutritious, convenient, and healthy. In addition, the brand’s Signature Wild-Raw Venison Dog Food is made with 85% sustainable New Zealand wild venison, a new source of protein that benefits dog health.

What's On Huntaway Review
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Huntaway Products:

Raw Dog Food Treats Chews Shop by Function

Wild Venison Raw Dog Food

Wild Venison Jerky Treats

Venison Paddywacks Treats

Goat Tripe Treats

Venison with Deer Collagen Chews

Goat Ears Chews

Venison with Greenlip Mussel Chews

Venison with Kiwi Chews


Hips and Joint

Skin and Coat

In line with Cam Mathias’ mission, indeed, you would want to provide your dog with food that is full of protein, nutrition, and health benefits. Thus, we will provide in-depth reviews of the brand’s best-selling products below. Scroll up to find out!

Huntaway Wild Venison Raw Dog Food Review

Wild Venison Raw Dog Food is one of the brand’s bestsellers and exclusive products. It is where the brand all started. This raw dog food is made from 85% sustainable wild venison and 15% beneficial ingredients, including swiss chard, beetroot, blueberries, and parsley.

Huntaway Wild Venison Raw Dog Food Review
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This product comes in 4 options; large, medium, small, and single bag. In addition, this raw dog food is free from grains, wheat, soy, and corn and contains no artificial preservatives or coloring. It is easy to serve, mix, and thaw. Also, it contains excellent nutrition, convenience, and is a sustainability choice.

This Wild Venison Raw Dog Food can be obtained starting from $219.00 for a one-time purchase or subscribe to automatic delivery every 1 week.

How Huntaway Works?

Huntaway was created to make it easy for you to provide healthy, nutritious, and sustainable dog food quickly, and without fuss. All of the brand’s treats have been considered and are a delicious and rewarding indulgence for your dog.

To ensure the content of a brand’s raw dog food matches your dog’s needs, you can first start by purchasing the brand’s products. Then, you can opt for a single purchase, subscribe to automatic delivery, or take up bundle deals to save even more.

Once you’ve purchased, you can learn how to feed correctly. This is so that you give the right portion to your dog. If you are still getting familiar with this, you can visit the feeding calculator or go to the ‘How to Feed‘ page provided on the official website.

How To Feed Huntaway Raw Dog Food

Basically, the raw venison dog food comes in the form of 3oz frozen cubes, allowing you to defrost as much healthy venison dog food as you need. Yet, here are the brand’s recommended daily servings:

  • Small dogs (11-22 lbs): 1-2 cubes
  • Medium dogs (23-55 lbs): 3-5 cubes
  • Large dogs (56+ lbs): 6+ cubes

Nevertheless, these feeding guidelines are not “one size fits all.” You can always use branded feeding calculators to get a customized portion for your dog. You can still feed your dog what you want or how your dog likes it.

In addition, the food label shows the total daily requirement, so divide 2 daily servings for each meal if you are feeding 2 times/day.

If your dog has digestive problems, you can gradually introduce him to the new food over 7-10 days. The rand-frozen food diets are best served by thawing in the refrigerator for 12 hours or more.

Huntaway Feeding Calculator

The brand understands that it can be difficult to determine how much brand food you need, and how often you should feed it. Luckily, brand nutrition experts can help you sort this out with our feeding calculator.

You just enter some basic information and the feeding calculator will recommend how much raw food you need and how often you need it. This information includes your dog’s age, weight, and activity level.

Huntaway Price

The brand gives you 2 options to shop; one-time purchase or subscribe to auto-delivery. Both have different prices. However, we’ll keep it short for you.

If you choose the one-time purchase option, this is the budget you can expect:

  • Wild Venison Raw Dog Food – $35.00
  • Treats – $9.99
  • Chews – $11.99
  • Digestion, Joint, etc. – $9.99

For the auto-delivery subscription, it depends on the category and size of the food you choose. You can expect to pay between $9.99–$219.00 per week. The weekly price is also different, so determine the package or bundle you choose well.

Don’t miss the chance to get Free Treats For Life & Free Shipping by shopping through the official website. You can grab this offer by clicking on the discount logo on the right side of the official website.

How To Buy Huntaway

At this brand, you can make raw dog food purchases whenever you like, whether you want to place a one-time order or subscribe to auto-delivery to enjoy direct delivery as often as possible.

Subscribe to Auto-Delivery Purchase

  • Choose the dog food product you wish to purchase
  • Look at the bottom of the product description for quantity and purchase options
  • Once you have selected the quantity you wish to purchase using the quantity selector, ensure you have set Subscribe to Auto-Delivery
  • Choose how often you would like to receive deliveries using the drop menu under Automatic delivery
  • You can choose any delivery period from 1 to 8 weeks

One-time Purchase

  • Choose the product you want to buy, and look under the product description for the quantity selector and purchase options
  • Once you have selected the quantity you wish to purchase using the quantity selector, make sure you have chosen One-Time Purchase
  • Click the Add to Cart button underneath
  • You can continue shopping to add more products or proceed with the checkout to reach the payment stage
  • Once you pay, your order will be shipped to you once only

Remember to check out the brand bundle offers that allow you to combine the brand’s most popular products for a convenient and easy way to get all your favorite products at once!

Huntaway Pros & Cons

To help you consider wisely, we will break down the pros and cons of the brand into the points below:

Huntaway Pros

  • Easy and convenient dog raw food
  • Easy to portion, thaw and serve
  • Designed freezer-friendly bags
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly dog food
  • Can choose between a one-time or auto-delivery purchase
  • Various box sizes are available
  • Provides numerous health benefits for dogs, from the skin, immunological response, bone, joint health, and many more

Huntaway Cons

  • International shipping is not yet available

Is Huntaway Worth To Buy?

We understand that there are many raw dog foods that you can choose from in the market. However, Huntaway is worth checking out, as it uses a different protein source than most dog raw foods.

Is Huntaway Worth To Buy?
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In addition, this brand also pays attention to the environment with recyclable packaging for sustainable and eco-friendly dog food. With easy purchasing options and a wide range of products, this brand helps you always have dog food at the right time.

Huntaway Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

When you know how great a brand’s products are, we understand you’re curious about other customers’ thoughts. We then collected some customer feedback from the official website. So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore it profoundly!

Huntaway Customer Reviews
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On the official website, the brand shows data that they have an average of 4.8/5 stars reviews. And this is the opinion of one of the satisfied customers of Wild Venison Raw Dog Food:

Such a very nice store! Not only have everything for your pet, but also help to know what is the ideal food to have an optimal and healthy development. Very satisfied and happy with everything.

Next, a customer likes Venison Paddywacks Treats because it is good for his dog’s teeth. She said:

These were great for my dog’s teeth and lasted a long time, which is great for keeping pups preoccupied and entertained. I like that they don’t leave any residue since he likes to eat his treats on his bed.

Another good feedback from a customer said that Venison with Deer Collagen Chews doesn’t give off a foul odor, and he likes the nutrients contained in them. This customer said:

This was Max’s first time trying deer, and he definitely loved it! I love the benefits it has for their health. It didn’t even have any stinky smell so that’s a bonus.

Although not all customers gave 5/5 stars for the products they bought, we found very rare 4-star reviews and only 8% of all customer reviews. That being said, customers are satisfied and happy shopping with the brand because it provides all well nutrients and texture for their dogs.

Huntaway Customer Service

How To Contact Huntaway

Need a little help? Can’t find what you are looking for in this review? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand! The customer care team would be happy to help you through the following:

Huntaway Shipping Policy

Brands ship by sea from New Zealand to the US. That may be slower, but it has proportionally lower carbon emissions.

The brand’s dog food is made naturally and has the risk of being perishable. That’s why the brand only makes deliveries some days of the week.

If you place an order on Sunday/Wednesday/Tuesday, it will be delivered by Wednesday at the latest. Also, orders placed on any other day of the week will be delivered the following Monday.

The brand will notify you when your order has been shipped via email. You can expect to receive it within 48 hours of it being shipped.

When choosing ongoing auto-delivery subscription delivery, you must specify the box size and delivery interval. The brand provides 4 box sizes;

  • 1 bag of 20 servings (sample)
  • 3 bags of 20 servings (small)
  • 6 bags of 20 servings (medium)
  • 9 bags of 20 servings (large)

The delivery interval will be adjusted according to your dog’s feeding needs. For that, please use the calculator on the website to estimate the portion your dog needs per meal.

Huntaway Return & Refund Policy

The brand has a 30-day return policy, which means you can make a return within 30 days of receiving the item, provided that the item must be in the same condition that you received it.

You can contact the brand at to request a return. If accepted, the brand will send you a return shipping label and instructions on how and where to send your package.

After receiving and inspecting your return, the brand will notify you whether or not the refund is approved. Additionally, certain items cannot be returned. You can visit the brand’s return policy page for precise information.

Where To Buy Huntaway

You can purchase raw dog food from this company through the official website or Amazon. Both sites provide the brand’s original products.

Moreover, if you want to sign up and subscribe to the big box on automatic delivery, you can directly sign up through the official website.

Don’t forget to grab your chance to get 2 free treat-of-the-month bags with every automatic shipment by ordering through the official website. There, you can also get free shipping on any products for all auto-delivery subscriptions.


When choosing the right raw dog food for your fur child, Huntaway offers an extensive list. It uses sustainably sourced New Zealand wild deer raw materials meticulously harvested and packed in recyclable packaging.

Moreover, the brand’s dog food comes in cubes that are easy to thaw and separate, making it easy for you to feed your dog. With two purchasing options, this brand will ensure you never run out of healthy and nutritious dog food!

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