KindTail Reviews

Amy Kim has loved pets from her childhood. While looking for a house for her dog, Monkey, she couldn’t find one. Using her skills as an industrial designer, she created her products and founded KindTail in 2018. 

KindTail Reviews
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Her company’s philosophy is to be kind to pets and people. This allows Amy to give more attention to her products. Even better, the products are lightweight with several features. You won’t get any difficulties while using the products. 

Furthermore, the innovative design gives you more portability design. It allows you to travel with your pet due to its collapsible feature easily. The product is huge enough for your pup, whether small or medium. 

This company is developing a large collapsible dog crate. Let’s wait for its development to provide a larger size. It may not be featured yet in the press, but it has many followers on social media. The amount is 26.8K! 

So, let’s give more attention to this company by reading this KindTail review thoroughly. You’ll find information such as products, pricing, testimonials, etc. Then, without waiting any longer, start reading now! 

Why Shop at KindTail?

The main reason why KindTail is founded is travel-friendly. Paw parents could never skip the products because they are compact and designed with love. 

Why Shop at KindTail?
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Further, the following list is a compilation of the brand’s plus points. Take a look closer! 

KindTail Highlights 

  • Women-owned company 
  • Offers functional and durable pet accessories
  • Available in small and medium sizes 
  • Collapsible and easy to arrange 
  • Always open the door for easy monitoring 
  • Lightweight yet can hold up to 25 lbs puppy 
  • Safe for dogs without sharp edges 
  • Features one-year warranty 
  • Ships to the US regions 
  • Gets positive feedback from customers 

What's On KindTail

This company is famous for its pet crate. However, would it be the only product that customers can purchase? Fret not because it has others to offer. 

What's On KindTail
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Here are the 5 products you’ll find on the official website: 

However, this KindTail review will simplify the explanation into four of the abovementioned products. So, if you don’t mind, let’s immediately move to the following section and start the discussion! 

KindTail PAWD Pet Crate Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling PAWD Pet Crate, available for small and medium-sized dogs. It offers 5 shades, and the door is designed always to open. This feature allows you to check your puppy whatever they do. 

KindTail PAWD Pet Crate Reviews
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In addition, it is durable due to the ABS plastic and polypropylene. Both of the materials are BPA and toxin-free. You may even use it while traveling because it is collapsible. Below are the details of the nesting space and safe crate: 

Crate Small (hold up to 12 lbs)
Measurement: 21 x 16 x 15.75 inches
Collapse: 21 x 3.5 x 15.75 inches
Weight: 7 lbs
Crate Medium (holds up to 25 lbs)
Measurement: 26 x 21 x 20 inches
Collapse: 26 x 4 x 20 inches
Weight: 12 lbs

KindTail PAWD Pad Reviews

Who says that only humans can rest? Instead, you may support your pup by providing this PAWD Pad. It suits the previous crate, even when collapsed and is available in 2 sizes and 4 shades. 

KindTail PAWD Pad Reviews
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The pad is zipper-free and is made of smooth fabric. The polar fleece and recycled cotton allow you to wash it in the machine with cold water. Then, tumble it dry at a low temperature. 

So don’t forget to place it inside the crate to let your puppy sleep comfortably. Therefore, you don’t have to sing lullaby to make them rest deeply. Here is the size dimensions: 

Pad Small
20 x 15.75 x 1 inches
Pad Medium
25 x 19 x 1 inches 

KindTail PAWD Lounger Reviews

PAWD Lounger is available in 4 shades and 2 sizes. It is comfortable as if it is a deep dish bed. You can let your pup get a comfy seat since it has a high wall, which also fits the crate. 

KindTail PAWD Lounger Reviews
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The Sherpa fabric is ultra-soft and cozy. Moreover, the product’s base is waterproof and made of nylon material. The inner bed is also easy to maintain. Merely wash it in a machine and dry it in a low heat. 

Not only is the product functional but also it provides a sense of security. The following table will tell you the size dimensions: 

Lounger Small
20 x 10 x 14 inches
Lounger Medium
25 x 12 x 21 inches 

KindTail Portabowls Reviews

This final product will be convenient because you can pack your pup’s meal effectively. Portabowls are available in 2 sizes and 5 shades. Not only are they travel-friendly, but they are also safe for dishwashers and microwaves. 

KindTail Portabowls Reviews
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The product is made of recycled polypropylene and non-skid silicone, allowing you to separate the meal and drink. It is also suitable for dry and wet food. So, let’s carry the handle and give your pup a meal on time! Meanwhile, the size is written below: 

Portabowls Small (for pets 5-35 lbs)
Inner Size: 4.54 x 1.5 inches
Outer Size: 5.5 x 2 inches
Portabowls Large (for pets 35 lbs+)
Inner Size: 5.3 x 1.8 inches
Outer Size: 6.25 x 2.75 inches 

KindTail Pricing

We know you have many budgets for your pet. But isn’t it better to know how much the products cost before buying them? The table below will tell you the details: 

KindTail Promotions 

  • Subscribe to the official website and receive a $10 discount code on your first-time order
  • Give a $10 off referral code, and get a $10 coupon for yourself 
  • Bundle a crate with a pad and lounger, and get 20% off 
  • etc. 

KindTail Pros and Cons

Do you think you understand well about the brand? Check out your insights by reading the pros and cons below. Who knows, you skip one important piece of information! 


  • Dog accessories at the best feature 
  • Lightweight and easy to clean 
  • Easy to install and break down 
  • Available on-site and on marketplaces 
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized puppies 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No crate large yet 
  • No free shipping for US orders 
  • It doesn’t ship outside the US 

KindTail Customer Reviews

Searching for the company’s crate Reddit may give you more insights. But first, let this review write you ratings and testimonials from customers who purchase from this company. Without any further ado, let’s get into the discussion! 

KindTail Customer Reviews
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These are the ratings they receive: 

Further, here is one of the satisfied customers saying: 

… I love the white crate for my Daschund, and the lounger makes it more cozy for him. Extremely happy because I can see him in a safe space he loves! 

This customer is delighted because the medium crate makes her puppy comfortable. Also, it has become a safe place now! 

Another customer says: 

This pad fits perfectly in crate, it also not too thick so it will be easy to wash if you want to. I’ll possibly buy a second pad for additional comfort.

This customer finds the pad amazing because it fits well in the crate. She finds it best because it is easy to wash and gives comfortable space. 

The last customer says: 

Perfect travel bowls! The bowls are perfect for travel when we have to pack our dogs’ raw food. And it is so aesthetic too! Highly recommend for everyone.

This customer is also happy because the bowl is travel-friendly even when she has to prepare raw food. She finds it aesthetic, which is recommended! 

Therefore, customers are satisfied because KindTail pays attention to their needs. Not only are the products well-made, but also they are functional. 

Is KindTail Worth It?

Lucky paw parents because this worth-buying KindTail is ready for everyone. You can check the stock on the official website and nearest marketplace. Even better, the size availability allows you to choose the best fit for your puppy

Is KindTail Worth It?
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You don’t have to worry anymore because the crate is also collapsible. So you can bring it whenever you need to travel and give your pup its house. Then, which shade do you prefer the most? 

KindTail Store

Are you ready to give your pet a place to rest? Let’s get the PAWD Medium and Small sizes through the official website if so. Every purchase is charged a flat rate of $12 throughout the US region. You also get the 30-day returns perk if you are unsatisfied with it. 

The company also sells it through marketplaces like Amazon, Target, Chewy, Pet Co, and Bloomingdale’s. But if you want a $10 off on your order, look no further than clicking the link below. So, let’s buy now! 

KindTail Contact

The brand knows you want the best for your pet. If you face any problem, please don’t hesitate to ask for a companion from customer service. Here are the contacts: 

You may also leave your queries on the Live Chat. Further, the following address will let you meet the team face-to-face. 

KindTail Headquarters 
5407 Wilshire Blvd #1002 
Los Angeles, California 
United States


Dog accessories from KindTail are one thing you can’t skip. It has the best quality your pup will love, whatever the breed is. In addition, it offers sizes that you can choose for your fluffy friend. 

You don’t have to search for another brand because this one is perfect, especially for those who love traveling. Therefore, are you ready to buy the products? Let’s visit the site now! 

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