Snuggle Puppy Reviews

Who says that only humans can be stressed? Conversely, puppies may feel stress whenever they move into a new crate. Anxiety will hit, and a breeder of Snuggle Puppy created aid toys in 1997 to solve this problem. 

Snuggle Puppy Reviews
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The founder’s name is hidden, but he has a brilliant idea to help the pup becomes more relaxed in its new crate. In addition, it creates it similar to a natural dog, making the puppy feel like having a companion. 

This condition leads to a better state of mind and eliminates anxiety. Furthermore, the design is fluffy with a 100% safe material for dogs. Later, the founder wanted to help children avoid being overwhelmed by another snuggle pup doll. 

This doodle’s efficiency is heard by many famous magazines, resulting in publication on BuzzFeed, CNN, Forbes, Yahoo!, and many more. Moreover, paw parents assemble on the brand’s social media, with more than 25.7K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you are curious about the doll, read this Snuggle Puppy review thoroughly. Enjoy reading and see how delicate your pup will be in having the companion now! 

Why Snuggle Puppy?

Now you know the company well by reading the previous introductions. To give you a better understanding, this section will provide its highlights. 

Why Snuggle Puppy?
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So, let’s jump into the strength of the company! 

Snuggle Puppy Highlights 

  • Aid and educational toys for puppies and children to enhance more stable mind 
  • Made of plush 100% polyester material 
  • Approved for human use
  • 100% safe for humans and pets  
  • Promotes warm and comfortable feelings 
  • Available on the site, trusted reseller, and marketplace
  • Ranked #1 Amazon’s Best Seller for plush dog toys 
  • It is generous by donating many products during times of crisis

What's On Snuggle Puppy

The founder intends to help pet parents calm their puppies no matter what problems they are facing. In addition, its products are highly manufactured to have educational effects on the puppies. 

What's On Snuggle Puppy
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Below are 5 categories you’ll immediately see when you visit the official website. 

However, this Snuggle Puppy review will only elaborate on 3 all-rounders, including: 

Therefore, let’s get started with the first product review! 

Snuggle Puppy Original Snuggle Puppy Reviews

Anytime your pet needs to calm down, this Original Snuggle Puppy is the best companion. It is available in 5 shades, including the black one. In addition, the sizes fit all puppies who need to alleviate nervousness, anxiety, and stress

Snuggle Puppy Original Snuggle Puppy Reviews
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That discomfort comes from moving to a new home, crate training, fireworks, thunderstorm, or even when the furry friend is left alone. So if this situation happens, keep them accompanied by the plush. 

This set features a Real-Feel Heartbeat and disposable heat pack. You can turn the pulsing heart 24/7 or 8 hours only with on and off mode. Once the heart beats, your furry friend will find it calming to cuddle. 

Furthermore, this plush is easy to clean. You can have it gently in a washing machine and air dry after it. Therefore, your snuggle plush will always be clean, even after accompanying your puppy for the whole day. 

Snuggle Puppy HERO For Kids Reviews

This second product is specifically made for children who feel overwhelmed. HERO For Kids is a life-changing plush simulator to eliminate stress and anxiety. In addition, the product is 100% safe for 3 years old children and more. 

Snuggle Puppy HERO For Kids Reviews
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This plush features a Real-Feel Heartbeat that works like a real close hug. Furthermore, it is free of latex and BPA. You can use the heartbeat modes 24/7 or 8 hours in a row. Ensure to keep it beating so that your children may feel more relaxed. 

So, you can take the plush with your child during doctor visitation, traveling, or even the homework schedule. Don’t forget to wash it gently in the washing machine to keep the device clean. Thus, you may care for your child better while giving a hygienic aid toy

Snuggle Puppy Replacement Real-Feel Heartbeat Insert Reviews

Is your heartbeat device broken? Don’t worry; you can purchase this Replacement Real-Feel Heartbeat Insert to replace the broken part. This device features 2AAA batteries which can last up to 2 weeks with 24/7 usage. 

Snuggle Puppy Replacement Real-Feel Heartbeat Insert Reviews
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Furthermore, it is suitable for the doodle released by this company. The compatibility allows you to give a quick heartwarming hug to your furry friends. It is also comforting to let your puppies cuddle with it all day. 

The heartbeat has on and off switches, allowing you to manage the pulsing. Whether you limit the use to 8 hours daily or 24/7, this device is ready to help. Therefore, install it to the plush and give your puppies comfort now! 

How do you use a Snuggle Puppy?

What age can you use Snuggle Puppy?

Pet owners and parents who want to give the pup and children are fortunate. How so? Because aid toy from this company suits puppies over 36 months up to 10 years old. The dolls will give warm and comfy vibes to let them ease their nerves. 

How do you use a Snuggle Puppy?
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How to Use Doodle

But how do you operate the items? Find the procedure by reading the following explanation. 

  1. First, activate the heartbeat and heat pack devices to give warm feelings. 
  2. Give the toy to your puppy or children. Let them cuddle the doll. 
  3. The doll will give an extra calming effect and throw away the overwhelmed. 
  4. Then, it will stay up to 24 hours. 
  5. Furthermore, you can function it anywhere, in the crate, during a doctor’s visit, and even on an airplane. 
  6. Once finished, you can turn off the devices, and that’s it! You are successful in making them calmer. 

The procedure is simple. Yet, remember to give the doll time to rest and recharge. Thus, your puppy and child would not be addicted to its existence. 

Snuggle Puppy Pricing

You may be worried if the product’s price is too high. However, remember that the price comes with quality. The appropriate price allows you to get the best investment for your puppies and children.

So here is the budget you must prepare to purchase the abovementioned items. 

Original Snuggle Puppy $39.95
HERO For Kids  $64.95 $49.95
Replacement Real-Feel Heartbeat Insert  $21.99

It is recommended to subscribe to the official website. Thus, you may get special discounts and promotions, allowing you to purchase the product at a more affordable price! 

Snuggle Puppy Pros and Cons

Wondering which pros and cons this company owns? Then, let’s jump into the comparison below without further ado! 


  • Plushy aid toy to accompany pets and children 
  • Cuddle-able 
  • Perfect for calming stress and omitting anxiety 
  • Support pups in crate training 
  • Suitable for dogs of 36 months up to 10 years old and children 
  • Ships to the US and offers free shipping for orders over $49 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Receives many good feedbacks from customers 


  • No international shipping 
  • Hidden company profile 

Snuggle Puppy Customer Reviews

Ratings and customer reviews are essential because they let you check the real efficacies. If you’re curious about the rates, read this section and see the answer! 

Snuggle Puppy Customer Reviews
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Here are the ratings of the abovementioned aid toys: 

Meanwhile, the satisfied paw parent said: 

My pup has been suffered with anxiety, and this snuggle puppy has helped her  tremendously! She loves to sleep with it, even brings it with her anywhere she goes. … 

This customer’s puppy loves the existence of the doodle plush. It becomes a great help to eliminate the pup’s anxiety. Furthermore, the dog keeps cuddling with it anywhere! 

Another customer said: 

… She loves how plush and cuddly the doodle is, and the heartbeat seems soothing and relaxing her during the night, which is when my daughter struggles the most.

This customer is thankful because HERO For Kids has been a great help to her daughter’s condition. It beats warmly and gives her time to relax when anxiety attacks. 

In short, Snuggle Puppy is the best solution to ease nerves, whether for pets or humans. Not only is the product well-made, but also its existence has been a great help. Therefore, customers’ dogs and children can ease their nerves during hard times. 

Is Snuggle Puppy Worth It?

Are snuggle puppies good for dogs?

The smart pet aid toy from Snuggle Puppy is genuinely worth checking out. It is easy to snuggle and promotes a real heartwarming hug. So who and which pet feels anxiety, hugging the plush will ease their feelings immediately. 

Is Snuggle Puppy Worth It?
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You do not need to check its efficacy on Reddit because high ratings and customer testimonials become the proof. Testimonials are all fine, and many are thankful because the plush is helpful. 

Where to Buy Snuggle Puppy

You can prepare the budget and purchase the puppy brown junior through the official website, near-me reseller, or marketplace. Luckily, the product is available on Amazon, Walmart, PetSmart, Chewy, and many more. 

Ensure you purchase it from the official store to avoid fake products. Thus, are you interested in buying the snuggle dolls after reading this anxiety solution reviews? 

Snuggle Puppy Contact

You may be confused with your JR orders or need assistance selecting smart love devices for your pet. But, no need to worry; merely contact customer service through these ways, and they’ll help immediately. 

Please be patient and wait for 24 hours to receive a response. Therefore, your message will be immediately replied to without getting any delay or postponement. 


Dig deeper on Snuggle Puppy

As a pet owner, you may have several questions concerning the brand. So, here is the answer you must know! 

Can you leave Snuggle Puppy in crate overnight?

Absolutely! You can leave it overnight so your pup does not feel lonely during the crate training. 

How long does Snuggle Puppy stay on for?

The technology of air-activated heat may stay up to 24 hours. 

Can you dry a Snuggle Puppy?

Yes, you can air dry the dolls gently to keep the quality. 


An educational aid toy is always helpful in teaching pets and children during bad conditions. It features functional devices, and Snuggle Puppy lets you ease nerves whatever bad things happen in your eyes. 

You do not need to be scared anymore. Instead, let them cuddle with the plush and become calmer simultaneously. Thus, visit the official site and purchase the doodle before the stock runs out! 

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