About SpotOn

As a pet parent, you want to ensure your pet stays safe. However, we can’t always keep an eye on our pets all the time. That’s why SpotOn GPS Fence comes in.

About SpotOn
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SpotOn GPS fence is a virtual fence and dog tracking system that keeps your dog in a designated area without needing a physical fence.

The brand utilizes satellite collars and GPS technology that allows you to create a virtual fence around you. At a more affordable price than building a physical fence, this brand can be a good alternative for you and your pets.

In addition, the system works through a dog collar, a smartphone App, and GPS satellite technology.

With this brand, you just need to link the collar to the app via Bluetooth. That way, you can build an invisible fence, which you can view and manage through the app.

Jennifer Joyce, the president of SpotOn, was inspired to found the company by witnessing the joy of dogs living a free life in rural Oregon.

Later, Jennifer led a team that developed GPS fencing technology with Sung Vivathana, Vice President of Engineering and parent of Labradoodle Henry.

They are then on a mission to envision a world where all dogs can lead happy lives and owners are confident their pets are safe.

That said, the brand wants to make dog confinement more flexible, reliable, and convenient and help dogs live their best lives safely and roam freely within set boundaries.

Thanks to its outstanding innovation and mission, the brand has been recognized as a 2020 CES Innovation Award recipient, a 2020 SXSW Innovation Award finalist, and awarded 2019 Product of the Year by New Hampshire Tech Alliance.

Besides being featured in famous press media such as Forbes, the brand has won the hearts of 10k+ followers on Instagram and 20k followers on Facebook.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re considering buying the brand’s products and looking for first-hand reviews. This SpotOn Dog Collar reviews are happy to dive deeper into their GPS Fence and share their latest updates!

Why SpotOn?

The main reason why we choose SpotOn is that it can keep your dog under your supervision. Imagine that we can create our dog fence virtually on an App. We can fence our dog anywhere. There is no limitation.

It is such a great innovation that no other competitor can do. It is easy and hassle-free. We can just draw the fence through the App. Let SpotOn does its job to keep our dog safe.

Manufactured in New Hampshire, this product is developed sophisticatedly with a very sleek design. In addition, it is waterproof so that dogs can wear it anywhere.

Moreover, the IP67 rating makes the collar safe for the dog. The product comes along with one year warranty with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What if we have more than two dogs? As the whole system of SpotOn is designed to be self-contained within the collar, every dog requires her own collar with her own cellular subscription.

Furthermore, you can share fences between collars to manage multiple collars can be done through the App. The good thing is there is a 10% discount for several purchases of multi-collar.

What's On SpotOn

For pet parents who want to keep their dog in a designated area without a physical fence, SpotOn provides a virtual fence and GPS dog tracking system.

This product is excellent for dog owners who live in areas with large lots or have a lot of land for their dogs to explore.

As explained earlier, the Dog Fence will work through the dog’s collar with GPS satellite technology operated through a smartphone app. That way, you have built an invisible fence so that you can keep an eye on your dog through the app.

Moreover, you can also purchase a subscription service that allows you to track your dog’s location in real time if you have AT&T or Verizon as your cell phone carrier.

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Reviews

SpotsOn offers GPS Dog Fence. This GPS is rated #1 among similar products. The collar fence is integrated with the app.

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Reviews
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This product is available in 3 sizes; Small, Medium, and Large. Please be noticed that we measure the neck size before placing orders. The measurement can be done above the area where the common collar is placed.

Likewise, please pay attention that finding a collar for the puppy is different. The puppy has to be at least 6 months so that the collar sits perfectly. Also, the measurement has to be precise because the antenna is placed on the back of the neck.

It is to ensure that the antenna can face the sky. By wearing this collar, our dog will not have trouble when we take her anywhere. The True Location GPS allows our dogs to run free so they won’t run into trouble after we create a virtual fence from our smartphone.

Through the app, there is no boundary that is too big. We can create a boundary from as small as ½ acre up to the very wide 1,000s of acres. Once we take our dogs to play outdoors, we can create a fence to protect them.

Don’t worry. The collar will look good on the dog’s neck. The design is slim and compact. With the most advanced technology, this collar is second-to-none.

We can choose any of the cellular providers, whether we want to choose AT&T or Verizon, for connecting with the super-reliable LTE-M device.

The battery is rechargeable with a very long life. Dogs can play longer because the collar can stand for fourteen hours in tracking mode. Once you charge, you can use it for the whole day. So, are you interested in grabbing this one? Prepare $1,295.00 to pack it!

SpotOn App

Build the GPS fences at your fingertips! To make the GPS Fence work properly, users must install the GPS Fence App on your smartphones.

SpotOn App
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This app allows you to draw deterrent zones where you don’t want your dog to roam. Then, with the Training System & easy and certified DIY program, the app will also help you train your dog efficiently.

On top of that, you can always get notified in real-time if your dog leaves the fence. You can also view Escape Reports documenting where and when your dog left the boundary. Additionally, you can download this app through Google PlayStore and App Store.

SpotOn Pricing

How Much Does SpotOn Cost?

The SpotOn GPS Fence is priced at $1,295. It includes the collar, base station, and a one-year subscription to the SpotOn service.

Likewise, the subscription service provides access to real-time tracking, activity history, and boundary alerts.

Moreover, the brand’s GPS Fence is a more expensive option than some other GPS-based containment systems.

However, it offers several features that are not available on other systems, such as the ability to create multiple virtual fences and track your dog’s activity.

If you are looking for a high-end GPS-based containment system, the SpotOn GPS Fence is a good option!

SpotOn GPS Fence VS Halo Collar

The SpotOn GPS Fence and the Halo Collar are two popular GPS-based dog containment systems. Both systems use GPS to track your dog’s location and provide alerts if they approach or cross a boundary. However, there are some key differences between the two systems.

SpotOn GPS Fence Halo Collar


  • More customizable fences
  • Ability to create overlapping fences
  • Longer battery life


  • More affordable
  • Works in smaller spaces
  • Uses gentler correction methods


  • More expensive
  • Requires a minimum of 0.5 acres of space


  • Less customizable fences
  • Cannot create overlapping fences
  • Shorter battery life

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you have a large property and need a highly customizable fence, the SpotOn GPS Fence is a good option.

However, if you have a smaller property or are looking for a more affordable option, the Halo Collar is a good choice.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the two systems:

Feature    SpotOn GPS Fence Halo Collar
Price  $1,249 $649-$699
Minimum space   0.5 acres 0.2 acres
Customization   Highly customizable Less customizable
Overlap   Yes No
Battery life   22 hours 14 hours
Correction methods   Tone, vibration, static Tone, vibration, static (optional)

It is important to note that both systems have been shown to be effective in keeping dogs safe and contained. However, the best way to decide which system is right for you is to try them both and see which one your dog responds to best.

How Does SpotOn Work?

It is important to know that SpotOn works for a certain yard. The width of the yard should be ½ acre at the minimum. But don’t worry. The device can work anywhere.

The minimum width is determined because the app has to provide a warning zone for the fence. The dog’s effective boundary is ten feet within the fence boundary that we walk. It means we have to make a plan.

The plan for the fence should prepare 15 feet at the minimum between the boundary and the road or other unsafe areas. The plan can keep the dog safe, just in case there is a shift on GPS occasionally that reaches up to ten feet.

Making SpotOn work is very easy:

  1. First, we can create our custom fence by making a plan in any shape and size, with a minimum width is a half-acre.
  2. Then, we can walk our planned boundary with the collar from SpotOn and our smartphone. We can draw our fence in the app.
  3. The last step is saving the fence. We can build more than one fence wherever we go.

SpotOn Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve gotten to know some of the brand’s product reviews, let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages list!


  • The high-technology virtual fence that no other competitor offers
  • Simple and versatile.
  • Cheaper than building a real fence
  • Sophisticatedly integrated with an app that owners can create a fence
  • Several options for the cellular plan, from a monthly plan, 1-year plan, or 2-year plan after a 90-day free trial


  • Only provides one kind of collar.

Is SpotOn Worth It?

The SpotOn GPS Fence is a premium invisible dog fence system that offers a host of great features that make it a great choice for dog owners who want to give their dogs more freedom without compromising affect safety.

Is SpotOn Worth It?
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Also, one of the best points of the SpotOn GPS fence is its accuracy. Another great feature of a dog fence is that it is very durable. The collar is made of high-quality material, waterproof and shockproof. So it can withstand even the most hyperactive dogs.

Not only that, but Dog Fence is also very easy to use. The collar has a user-friendly App that allows you to create and manage fence boundaries, track your dog’s location, and receive notifications if your dog gets too close to the boundary. All in all, SpotOn is definitely worth your money.

SpotOn Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As one of the popular wireless dog GPS Fences, this brand has received many positive customer testimonials. Many customers have praised the product’s accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Through its official website, the brand has an average review rating of 4.4/5 stars from a growing 132 customer reviews.

SpotOn Customer Reviews
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spotonfence.com https://spotonfence.com

One customer, who lives in an urban area, said that the GPS Fence had given her peace of mind knowing that her dog was safe and under control. She says the system is easy to set up and use, and her dog quickly learned to respect the boundaries.

Our puppy, Maggie, learns her boundaries at 3-1/2 months old in just 3 days. In day 3, I walked her around a 3-acre fence without a lead. She recognized one note and knew to return to the “safe zone”.

Another customer, who lives in a rural area, says that the brand’s GPS Fence has allowed her to give her dog more freedom to explore. In addition, she says that the system is accurate and reliable, and she can always track her dog’s location.

I like the new update that tracks the run history and gives you the same exit and re-entry times and duration. It has been a blessing, and I wish the battery life was longer.

Furthermore, a customer expressed his satisfaction with this dog fence brand and said it was his best investment. This happy customer said:

I like the collar! I hope you can use it for training collars too. That would be the best. Also hope you make collars for small dogs. That collar is one of my best investments!

Overall, the SpotOn GPS Fence is a well-reviewed product with many satisfied customers. If you are looking for a wireless dog fence system, SpotOn GPS Fence is an excellent option.

SpotOn Customer Service

How To Contact SpotOn

Get the satisfaction of shopping at SpotOn! Well, if you have some questions to ask about products, pricing, orders, and anything in between, please get in touch with the brand customer service at:

Email: support@spotonfence.com

The brand agent is based in New Hampshire and is available Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST.

Where To Buy SpotOn

SpotOn GPS Fence is available for purchase directly from their official website. The collar and subscription can be purchased together or separately. The collar is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The subscription is available in 2 plans: a monthly plan and an annual plan.


Let's see the brand closer!

Learn everything about SpotOn and the most frequently asked questions!

Does SpotOn work without cell service?

No, it doesn’t. The system is based on GPS technology and satellites in the sky, so it doesn’t need cell service to create or maintain a fence for your dog.

Does SpotOn work without subscription?

In fact, you don’t need a mobile subscription to create, manage, and activate your fence or house your dog. In fact, thousands of customers have used SpotOn in remote areas without cell service. However, you can unlock some additional features with an optional mobile subscription.

How much does SpotOn charge?

You are charged differently, depending on your needs. To summarise, you need to prepare $25/month (with processing), $195/month (without processing), an additional $65/month for restaurants, and $65/month for loyalty (additional).

How long does SpotOn battery last?

Basically, you will get about 18 hours of runtime in waiting mode and 12 hours in tracking mode. One secret tip: do not switch off the collar while it is charging. It will save your GPS fix and keep your fence active.


Overall, the SpotOn GPS Fence is an excellent option for people looking for a safe and effective way to keep their dogs under control. The collar is durable, easy to use, and affordable, and the system is accurate and customizable.

If you are considering a GPS fence for your dog, the SpotOn GPS Fence is definitely worth considering. Moreover, carefully weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right choice for you and your dog.

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