Walkee Paws Reviews

Lisa Baronoff lives in Manhattan, a place with a dirty environment. Her pup can’t help but live in the same place. She knows that an ordinary paw dog won’t give proper protection. Then, in 2018, she created dog boot leggings in Walkee Paws

Walkee Paws Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/WalkeePaws
facebook.com/WalkeePaws https://facebook.com/WalkeePaws

This founder ensures the quality is high and withstands the violence of the dog days. Worry not because the legging features TPE Molded that is weather-resistant. You can protect your furry friend with the products even in rainy weather or snow. 

Also, its product has a cutie motive, which is perfect for all breeds. Its size chart also varies, allowing you to choose the most comfortable fit. If unsure, play the quiz and find the best size. 

On its first release, it was featured on Shark Tank in Season 12, asking for a $3 million valuation. Sadly, Lisa did not get any investment. But even after Shark Tank, the company successfully grows, resulting in a net worth of 2023 almost $900K

You may also see this company on Insider, PopSugar, Good Morning America, People, etc. Also, many paw parents assemble on social media, resulting in 23.4K followers on Instagram and 7.2K on Facebook. 

Are you more curious about the owner’s idea of creating dog leggings? Then, stay tuned to this Walkee Paws review to find more insights. First, let’s see the plus points of this company in the next section! 

Why Shop at Walkee Paws?

So, what kind of plus points will you see from this company? Without further ado, here they are: 

Walkee Paws Highlights 

  • Dog accessories for all breeds 
  • The leggings aim to protect dog feed from harsh objects 
  • Weather and temperature-resistant for heat and snow 
  • Adjustable tie for small to adult pup 
  • Available in XXS to L 
  • Provides quiz for efficient legging size 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Gains thousands of perfect ratings from customers 

What's On Walkee Paws

When you hear about this brand for the first time, you may be curious about what products may suit your dog. Worry not because you’ll find many paw accessories for all breeds. 

What's On Walkee Paws
Image credit: facebook.com/WalkeePaws
facebook.com/WalkeePaws https://facebook.com/WalkeePaws

These are the 2 categories you’ll find: 



However, this Walkee Paws review will only focus on the following all-rounders: 

So, immediately move to the next section and see the first product review now! 

Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings Reviews

Due to the debris and dirt, you may leave your pup in a safer environment. But say no more because you can ask them to join you by wearing the Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings. It is resistant to extreme weather and can thoroughly protect your pet’s feet. 

Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings Reviews
Image credit: walkeepaws.com
walkeepaws.com https://walkeepaws.com

You do not need to worry about the protection because it will eliminate snowmelt chemicals, mud, rain, and even hot pavements. It is available in 5 shades and has an adjustable drawstring leg opening with over-the-back connectors. 

In addition, you can choose the most fit size from XS to L. This waterproof rubber boot will prevent slip and slide. Meanwhile, the 4-way water-resistant stretch allows your pup to walk comfortably on every road texture. 

The cushioned back will prevent the fur from catching. Therefore, you can let them play outdoors and not bring any debris while going home. Don’t forget to wash it in the machine, and you’re ready to go! 

Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings Reviews

Do you leave your pup hanging every day? If you do, please do no more because you can walk with them and protect them with Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings. You can now relieve because it has cotton-lined boots, TPE moulded, and no-fuss leg openings. 

Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings Reviews
Image credit: walkeepaws.com
walkeepaws.com https://walkeepaws.com

The leggings offer 7 shades and are available in XS to L sizes. Plus, it features a detachable elastic collar connector, a stronger heart connector, and labels for the correct foot.

These features will protect their feet from all dangerous chemicals. You won’t lose the boot because it has an over-the-back connector. The water-resistant legging will also cover the leg.

Even better, the cushioned back will not catch your canine’s fur. This product is also easy to wear and easy to clean. Merely wash it in the machine, and you’re ready to walk. Thus, which shade do you prefer the most? 

Walkee Paws Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings Reviews

Not only can you protect your dog outdoors, but also you can protect them indoors. These Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings suit senior dogs or pups with feet injury. They are the best prevention for slip, slide, and nail scratches. 

Walkee Paws Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings Reviews
Image credit: walkeepaws.com
walkeepaws.com https://walkeepaws.com

In addition, the texture is comfy due to the 4-way stretch fabric. These cushion socks also feature silicone dots that can stand on any wooden or tile floor. Your pup will find it cozy with the over-the-back connectors and wider sock opening. 

It has an adjustable chest strap for lie-down and wake-up access. But if the tie is too loose, you may use the drawstring elastic back leg openings to tighten it up.

Since it is for a dog, the size is available in XS to L with only one shade. The shade is unisex, perfect for all breeds. Thus, don’t forget to keep it clean with the machine, and everything’s set! 

Walkee Paws Size Guide

Every dog has a different paw size, which leads this company’s owner mother canine to create a chart size for all breeds. It offers XSS to L, manufactured from TPE Molded Boots, so the product will snuggle perfectly on your puppy. 

You can check the Size Chart page and measure the paw with a ruler. Ensure it fulfills the number so your dog is comfortable with the leggings. Then, which of the available size fits your puppy the most? 

Walkee Paws Pricing

So, how much budget should you have to protect your dog’s feet? Take a look closer at the following dog leggings’ price now!  

  Fit Boot Leggings  Easy-On Leggings Grippy Socks 
XS  $44.99 $54.99 $39.99
XS (Tall) $54.99
New S $59.99
S $49.99 $64.99 $44.99
New M/M $59.99 $69.99 $49.99
L $64.99 $74.99 $54.99

Walkee Paws Promotions 

  • Unlock a 15% discount code on a first-time order 
  • Free US standard shipping fee for orders over $75
  • Join the Ambassador Program for particular perks 
  • Sign up for the Affiliate Program to earn a commission 
  • Buy bulk orders and get wholesale price 
  • Check on the Clearance Sale for special promotions

Then, are you ready to protect your canine’s feet from bacteria? 

Walkee Paws Pros and Cons

So, what are the plus and minus points from this company? Here is the comparison between the two points: 


  • Offers dog accessories for all breeds
  • Various size
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Free US shipping fee on $75+ purchase  
  • 30-day return policy for US orders
  • 45-day return policy for Canada orders 
  • 60-day return policy for international purchases
  • Gets many good feedbacks from customers


  • Free shipping only for US orders 
  • Each size of the same product has a different price 

Walkee Paws Customer Reviews

Not only do you concern about the price, but your mind may also linger about customer testimonials. Surprisingly, almost all of them are satisfied and give high stars. As a result, Walkee Paws gets a 4.84/5 rating from 1.775 testimonials!

Walkee Paws Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/WalkeePaws
facebook.com/WalkeePaws https://facebook.com/WalkeePaws

What do they say? Here is one of the utterances: 

I love this new version of Walkee Paws, deluxe version. They slip on easily and I have no issues with my puppies nails wearing though. Love the item- highly recommend!

This customer loves the new quality because it is accessible for her pets. Furthermore, she has no issue at all, which is recommended! 

Another customer said: 

We’ve been using Walkee Paws every day since winter, and now during the spring. Love that it is extremely easy to put on and we never lose shoes/boots anymore. We will not go back to the ordinary booties for George. We love Walkee Paws!

This customer is thankful because she does not lose another pair of boots due to this company’s product. Instead, the legging is easy to wear and long-lasting! 

Simply put, Walkee Paws greatly performs and provide high-quality products for all dogs. As a result, customers and their dogs are satisfied with their purchases. 

Is Walkee Paws Worth It?

Caring for your dogs is not only about giving them delicious and healthy food. Instead, you must take care of their health from debris and chemicals. Thanks to the worth-buying Walkee Paws, you can wear dog leggings comfortably. 

The leggings are made of high-quality materials, perfect for walking and touring. Furthermore, the size varies for all breeds. So, which leggings will you buy to protect your puppy during the chill and heat? 

Where to Buy Walkee Paws

Paw parents may immediately prepare a budget and purchase the leggings on the official website. In addition, the founder wants you to get the item easily. As a result, it is also available on the marketplace, including Amazon. 

Customers will benefit more if they get the dog leggings from the site. Why? Because they will get a free shipping rate if they buy more than $75+. So, which dog accessories will you purchase right away? 

Walkee Paws Contact

Do you want to know how you could contact customer service? Here is the method you must do: 

In addition, the team is available on the website’s Live Chat which allows you to get a fast response. But if the team is offline, please be patient because the team will answer within 24 hours.


Dig deeper on Walkee Paws

Having more questions about this brand? Look no further than reading the following section! 

Do Walkee Paws stay on?

Yes, it will stay on as long as you tie it tight enough for your puppy. 

Are Walkee Paws good for snow?

Precisely! TPE material allows your dog to walk in high or low temperatures due to the weather- and temperature-resistant features. 

How do you adjust Walkee Paws?

Merely lengthen or shorten the tie to adjust the leggings. 


Your furry friend is always precious. As a paw parent, you must invest time and care for your pup. Trusting Walkee Paws is one of the investments you can make. In addition, it is worth buying for all breeds. 

Merely fill your cart over $75 and get a free shipping fee. So, are you ready to get your preferred motive for your canine? Let’s wear leggings and walk comfily every day! 

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