Four Leaf Rover Reviews

Who is the founder of the Four Leaf Rover?

Dana Scott successfully founded Four Leaf Rover in 2019. She considers many things to create the product because she only uses high-quality materials. Further, the assistance from Dr. Patricia Jordan allows the product to be formulated by professionals

Four Leaf Rover Reviews
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Jordan is a veterinarian who assists with every procedure of the company. She ensures to test the quality so your dog gets the best supplement and nutrients. You may even purchase the one you need based on your dog’s issues. 

The company cares about everything. It works with organic farmers to collaborate on the product. Also, it only uses recyclable packaging to reduce waste on earth. Meaning you’ll get no scoop inside the supplement. 

This company may not feature yet in the press. However, its mesmerizing and helpful products are loved by many customers. As a result, its Instagram and Facebook feature over 9.5 followers! 

Therefore, let’s dig deeper into this Four Leaf Rover review to learn more about its ingredients, efficacies, and side effects. Sit comfily, take a padding, and start reading! 

Why Shop at Four Leaf Rover?

Where is Four Leaf Rover located?

This company headquarters is located in Illinois, Chicago. However, it will ship your package from the Hockley, TX warehouse. Other than that, Four Leaf Rover also has other plus points. 

Why Shop at Four Leaf Rover?
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If you’re curious, here is the explanation: 

Four Leaf Rover Highlights 

  • USA-made dog nutrition and supplements
  • Formulated by a professional veterinarian 
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients and GMO-free  
  • No filler, clean, and free of harmful elements 
  • Quality tested with third-party participants 
  • Offers auto-ship subscription with a 15% discount 
  • Provides recyclable packaging 
  • Ships internationally 
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • Obtains many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Four Leaf Rover

Every dog supplement company has different products to offer, and so does Four Leaf Rover. What kind of categories can you buy to support your pup’s health

What's On Four Leaf Rover
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Here is the explanation of the 7 categories

Gut Health: Yeast Guard, Gut Guard, Bifido for Fido, etc. 
Healthy Organs: Guts and Glory, Lion’s Mane, Green Rover, etc. 
Mushrooms: Turkey Tail, Liver Clean, Kidney Clean, etc. 
Supplements: Safe-Sea, Better Bones, Protect, Red Rover, etc. 
Joint Care: Grass-Fed Beef-Trachea, Safe-Sea, Hip & Joint, etc. 
Healthy Skin: Bovine Colostrum, Gut Guard, Yeast Guard Plus, etc. 
Seniors: Hip & Joint, Lion’s Mane, and Safe-Sea. 

Further, our Four Leaf Rover review will involve 6 best-sellers, such as: 

Without any further ado, let’s start the discussion!

Four Leaf Rover Protect Reviews

Protect is a Soil-Based Probiotic that is designed for daily consumption. This supplement supports your dog’s gut health, exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins. In addition, it has no non-active ingredients! 

Four Leaf Rover Protect Reviews
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Instead, the probiotic yeast will heal digestion and gastric distress. The supplement also features a certified organic wild blueberry powder to support healthy brain function. Indeed, this 30-day supply is the perfect protection for your pup. 

Four Leaf Rover Gut Guard Reviews

Is your dog suffering due to impaired gut lining? If so, giving this Gut Guard supplement may help. It features probiotics and herbs to assist the immune system and normal inflammatory response. Furthermore, your dog can consume it daily. 

Four Leaf Rover Gut Guard Reviews
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The veterinarian carefully creates it with clean ingredients, providing protection and a supportive supplement. Therefore, give this 30-day daily supply to support normal bowel and cell function to give your dog a longer life opportunity. 

Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum Reviews

Some dogs have more sensitive skin than others. If your dog is sensitive, try to balance the coat by consuming this 60-day Bovine Colostrum supply. It features 100% Grass-Fed New Zealand cattle, lactoferrin, and antibodies. 

Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum Reviews
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Those compilations allow your pup to have a healthy immune balance. In addition, the ethically-sourced milk ingredient will help with seasonal allergies and skin health. Thanks to the supplement, your dog is getting better in its digestive system

Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Reviews

Turkey Tail is a Mushroom supplement that features a high beta-glucan content. This ingredient is trusted for its efficacy in providing healthy immune support. Further, the company grows the mushroom in a greenhouse and tests it with a 3rd party. 

Four Leaf Rover Turkey Tail Reviews
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You can give this supplement to your dog orally once to twice daily. Further, this 60-day supply will help with a variety of health problems. So let it absorb thoroughly inside your dog’s body and see the results several days after. 

Four Leaf Rover Digest Reviews

This Digest supplement is a combination of probiotics and an enzyme blend. It is formulated by a veterinarian, providing a healthy pancreas and proper digestion. It features an organic alfalfa juice to support healthier detoxification. 

Four Leaf Rover Digest Reviews
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Furthermore, you can give this 30-day daily supply to enhance your dog’s body’s natural resistance. Whenever your dog faces a bad liver function, give this supplement orally. Remember to avoid adding hot food because it will not protect the enzyme. 

Four Leaf Rover Red Rover Reviews

Red Rover has organic berries and phytonutrients with daily antioxidants. It is a perfect supply you can give for the whole month, supporting a healthy coat, gut, and immune system. Also, the apple skin ingredient is an excellent source of Vitamin K. 

Four Leaf Rover Red Rover Reviews
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Not only does your dog need delicious food, but also it needs fiber. Worry not about the quality because the fruit is organically sourced from the US. Therefore, giving this berry is necessary so your puppy will have support for normal brain function. 

Four Leaf Rover Side Effects

Paw parents may be curious whether the company products result in side effects or not. However, you can get rid of your anxiety because it only uses clean and free of harmful ingredients

The company also writes the daily consumption based on your pup’s weight. Therefore, you can’t mess with the measurement. But suppose you face a problem, please ask for assistance immediately from

Four Leaf Rover Pricing

How much money should you prepare to purchase the dog supplement above? Well, read the following table to know more! 

Product One-Time Purchase Auto-Ship and Save 15%
Protect $29.99 $25.49
Gut Guard $39.99 $33.99
Bovine Colostrum $14.99 $12.47
Turkey Tail $22.99 $19.54
Digest $29.99 $25.49
Red Rover $24.99 $21.24

Four Leaf Rover Promotions 

  • Subscribe to the official website for 20% off your first-time order 
  • Get a 10% discount for a welcome gift 
  • Join the auto-ship program for a 15% discount code  
  • Sign up for the Wholesale program for bulk orders 
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $49 
  • Canada orders get a complimentary shipping fee for orders over $99 
  • etc. 

Four Leaf Rover Pros and Cons

Since buying products for your paw buddy is important, checking out the company’s pros and cons is also necessary. Without any further ado, below is the comparison: 


  • Affordable dog supplements 
  • Made of high-quality ingredients 
  • Suits all dogs from the pup to seniors 
  • US complimentary shipping fee for orders over $49 
  • Canada free shipping fee when you buy over $99 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No free shipping for international purchases 
  • Offers no measuring scoop 
  • No information concerning the brand’s profile 
  • Some items are only available in the US and Canada 

Four Leaf Rover Customer Reviews

You can’t skip testimonials when you want to purchase a supplement, especially for your furry friends. It is a must because this knowledge gives you more insights concerning the results. If you want to know more, find it below! 

Four Leaf Rover Customer Reviews
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First, below are the ratings of the abovementioned dog supplements: 

Further, the following testimonials come from satisfied customers. One of them says: 

It is a great-quality probiotic, and it has safe ingredients you can trust! Without junk additives! And, it is completely healed my dog’s digestive issues!

This customer is happy because her dog’s digestive issue has healed completely. In addition, the Protect Probiotic is terrific with clean ingredients. 

Another customer says: 

After giving Jackson this Bovine Colostrum, I notice a change in his system. He feels no itching, no chewing at his paws, and his coat starts to shine. I am even surprised that he loves the taste!

This customer is delicate because the product works so well for her dog. Moreover, the taste is fantastic, resulting in no itchy skin, and his coat shines greatly. 

Simply put, Four Leaf Rover is the best option for dog supplements and nutrients. So look no further than this company for whatever product you need to heal your dog issue! 

Is Four Leaf Rover Worth It?

Indeed, Four Leaf Rover is worth checking out to give your buddy a better health supply. The company proves its worthiness by providing high-quality products made of high-quality ingredients.

Is Four Leaf Rover Worth It?
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In addition, you can trust it for any health issues your dog faces. As a result, no need to search for another brand. Instead, click the link below and buy the products you need the most now! 

Where to Buy Four Leaf Rover

Are you ready to purchase Green Eggs or CBD products from this company? Worry not because Four Leaf Rover offers the products in several methods. First, you can get dog supplements from the official website

Second, it is available on the marketplace, such as Amazon. Last, get it from the authorized local retailer near your region. Whichever method you choose, buy the original products to avoid scams. Then, let’s check the stock availability! 

Four Leaf Rover Customer Service

What is the customer service of Four Leaf Rover?

Wondering where should you contact the team if you have complaints? Look no further than getting in touch with customer service at: 

The team is available during these business hours: 

  • Mon to Thurs: 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 12 PM

Further, you may also send your questions on the Live Chat. The team will immediately respond within 24 hours. So please be patient because impatient will only postpone the reply. 


The supplement is an excellent addition to your furry friends. You can give them daily so that their health is managed thoroughly. Further, trusting Four Leaf Rover is not a mistake. 

You can rely on its clean and ethically-sourced ingredients for your dog. Even better, the affordable price it offers is a great blessing. Then, what are you waiting for? Visit the website and start ordering now! 

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